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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

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Pearl and Sapphire Necklaces, Again

A close-up of a rose signifies that what is coming up will definitely not be a Rose Ceremony. Paul returns to the ball and says that he needs to steal David away. Kat interviews that everyone was wondering why David had to leave, and whether he would come back. Alessia yells and begs for one kiss for each woman. David wants to go back, but Paul warns him that is a bad idea. Alessia continues to yell after David about saying goodbye to his horse (or possibly his whores). David tells Paul that Alessia is nuts.

Paul and David go into a study. David says that it was "weird." He adds, "You just don't know in this amount of time, like, what." Paul says that's why it's difficult, and David should remember that the women don't know about the elimination. The women continue drinking and talking about David. Lina pulls Linda aside and asks how scary it was when David said he didn't have any neighbors except cows and horses. I think that sounds awesome, but Lina wonders plaintively if that means that there's no Starbucks and no shopping. Linda smiles tightly.

Samantha (the host, in case you forgot) joins the women on the porch. She says it's nice that they got to meet David and talk to him, but that there's going to be an elimination shortly. The women gasp and look around. Or they insert footage from other times when the women gasped and looked around, to make it seem like they were all really shocked and upset. Samantha explains that David is making his decision right now, and that eleven of them will get pearl necklaces. Heh. That never stops being funny to me. The three women who don't get necklaces will have to pack and leave that night. Only three! Didn't they eliminate, like, ten in the first round last year? ["I think they started with more." -- Wing Chun] The women are smiling and laughing. Cat voice-overs that she doesn't know what's going to happen, and that it's up to David. Giada is crying. Crying!

David tells Paul, "These women, they' the dancing, you know...they're very into elegant, into money, I think." They're into money because they like to dress up and dance? I don't think I understand that intellectual leap. Maybe because there wasn't much intellect involved there. Paul says that he once heard "a bloke" say that he got more handsome when he got richer. David wonders what will happen when they find out he has twenty bucks in his account. The women look around at each other some more. They're looking! Around! The music! Is dramatic! David! Is drinking water!

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