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Back in the rooms, Jen holds up her dress and complains that it looks horrible and like a nightgown. In an interview, Katy says, "If your dress looks like a nightgown, put the nightgown on and wear it like you own it. Work it. Just deal with it." If I don't figure out that other woman's name soon, Katy might move into the first best friend position. Ooh, there's my redhead best friend. She says, "This whole thing right here? Horror show." Who is that woman? Zora explains that she had to wear the black velvet dress, so the seamstresses were trying to fit it for her, and they are also trying to take in a blue dress for a redhead who wanted it. Not best friend redhead, though. Zora asks if anyone has a dress that is too big. In an interview, Zora says that the seamstress suggested that they switch gowns, so they did. In an interview, Melissa M. says that it's just like Cinderella, who didn't have a dress but the evil stepsisters did, and in the end, Cinderella had a beautiful dress. Zora tries on the blue dress, which looks lovely on her.

Paul knocks on the door and announces that there are thirty minutes until the ball. My redhead says that she's going to freak out. Cut to Evan, clad in only his underwear, preparing for the ball. I do have to say, he looks pretty good in those white boxer briefs. Evan voice-overs that he likes a woman who has a mind of her own and doesn't have to be led around. Heidi primps in front of the mirror. In an interview, Heidi says that she's not really worried about her dress for the ball, because she's more worried about her "smile, make-up, and attitude." So, she's not worried about her dress, and yet she pissed off all of the other women to get it? ["Well, she's not worried about it now -- she got the one she wanted." -- Sars] MoJo says that the ball will "just be a chance to shine and make that first impression that can never be made again." Yes, MoJo, that's what "first impression" means. I think the producers hate MoJo too, because all of her interview footage is, like, extreme close-up and poorly lit and she just looks awful. Good!

Evan buttons his shirt. He voice-overs that as he thought about spending time with the women one-on-one, he had doubts about whether he could pull off the lie. In an interview, Melissa M. says that she just wants to look into Evan's eyes and see if there's any chemistry. Dayana whines that she's "too pretty to be in this piece-of-shit purple dress." I think it's actually a really good color for her, but she looks miserable. Melissa M. assures Dayana that she looks elegant. In an interview, Melissa W. (who?) says that she's gone out with girlfriends before who acted differently when guys came around. Oh, That Girl. I hate That Girl. Heidi is totally That Girl. And then she's totally the type to wonder aloud why she can't keep any close girlfriends, and pout that women just don't like her because they're all threatened by her. Hee! After Melissa W. makes that statement, they cut to a shot of Heidi. Awesome! In an interview, Katy says that she's curious to see if the claws are going to come out. In an interview, Evan says that he's here to pick a girl, but what if they don't like him, because it's not a one-way street. In an interview, Heidi says that they're all looking around and wondering who will get picked. Heidi stands up and announces that eight of them will be gone tonight, so she offers up a toast. The other women kind of stare at her like, "Could you be more of an attention whore?" Evan voice-overs that he hopes to find a woman with whom he has chemistry and who likes him for who he is and not his money. Except he doesn't really have any money. He seems to forget that at times.

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