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Dana and Heidi examine their pearl necklaces. In an interview, Heidi says that her necklace was cool and she "had one of the girls bite it to see if it was real." Okay, first of all, bite it yourself, and second of all, you don't bite it -- you rub it against your teeth to see if it feels rough. And also, bite it. In an interview, Heidi says they are all in the running for Evan, and she's competitive. How many times has she said that now? Zora says they all knew what they were in for. In an interview, Zora says that things are going to start changing a bit. In an interview, MoJo promises that she's ready for it. She looks a little bit like Reba McEntire, especially when she has her hair up. In an interview, Evan says, "Now that I've met the girls, I feel really guilty about deceiving them, but I'm waist-deep in it now. I can't go back."

Cut to Paul by the fireplace again. He says, "Going home without their pearls. Well, there isn't room in the chateau for all of us. Well, actually, there is. Anyway, as Evan continues his search for true love, next week, we're going to cut even more of them. Until then, I shall be right here, awaiting your return." I'm totally picturing Paul just sitting there sipping brandy until next week. I can see why they dumped Alex and added in more Paul, because he's awesome.

Next week: The women travel to the French countryside and shovel horse manure. Someone cries and freaks out. Something isn't fair. Someone is told to shut up and play the fucking game. A shocking secret is revealed. I think it's MoJo! She's fifty! That's my guess. Evan tries to figure out who just wants him for his money. Some more. Again. Then, they eliminate seven more women. Well, it just makes the recapping that much easier if I don't have to figure out the women's names.

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