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Ruby Necklace

Evan voice-overs that when they arrived, the owner led them into a room with a bunch of different wines. Apparently, the owner or director or whatever of this place only speaks French, which seems like a big gaffe on the part of the location scout. Or was it? It was probably a set-up. Evan voice-overs that there was a bit of a communication barrier, so they decided just to nod and hold their glasses out for refills. Evan and Sarah drink their wine, and this really just reminds me of how people around here take limousine buses to go on "wine tasting tours" in the Finger Lakes region, which is really just a fancy-sounding way of having a kegger on wheels. In my experience, it's not about tasting the wine. It's about guzzling the wine. Which is fine, really, but let's not pretend these people are trying to improve their palates. Evan says that one wine tastes like a wine cooler. Hee! Wine coolers are funny. In an interview, Evan says that they kept "drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking." Sarah giggles and asks if they have to ride the bikes back. Evan says that they have to finish everything, and from the footage they showed, it looked like the guy opened, like, ten bottles. I suspect he really only opened two or three and they just showed it from various angles. Sarah says she can at least drink one bottle, and Evan says he'll drink everybody under the table. Sarah is giggly and impressed.

In an interview, Evan says at first he thought Sarah was "a goody goody," but after a few drinks, it seemed like she might have a wild side. Sarah says something about "reckless abandon." In an interview, Sarah says that they had a good time and then it sounds like she says that she knew she would make it to the end, but she also might have said she knew she wouldn't make it to the end, and my captioning isn't working for some reason, but that seems like a crucial bit of information. Sorry. Anyway, she says she was trying to feel Evan out on what he wanted to do with his money. Sarah asks Evan how his life will change, and if he'll travel the world. Evan sighs and says he doesn't know. In an interview, Evan says that Sarah seemed interested in the money and he wanted to change the subject, but he also wanted to kiss her, so he did. Evan runs his ham hands through Sarah's hair. He kisses her, and she puts her hand on the side of his face and then on his shoulder. In an interview, Evan says he was taking the next step to get a little closer and she was "totally ready." And then they rewind and play the same exact clip from a minute ago where she puts her hand on his shoulder. In an interview, Evan says, "The heat was on." And then they rewind and play the same clip. They were trying to make it look like they made out for a really long time, but really they just showed the same clip three times. I thought Evan was ham-handed, but the editing might be even worse.

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