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Ruby Necklace

Evan bids Melissa good night, and again, they're both suddenly wearing different outfits. What is up with that? They barely kiss. In an interview, Melissa says she had a really nice time, but she doesn't know what Evan thinks of her. She adds that every time they are together, they're doing something where she's really out of her element and she doesn't want Evan to think she's "a big baby complainer." Melissa and Sarah sit outside and discuss the date. Melissa says she's never cooked with a boyfriend, and they've always cooked for her. She says that she just got her nails done and now she has all this shit under them. From what? The tomatoes? Sarah says that Evan has enough money to hire a maid. Melissa admits that she didn't kiss him. Sarah says that Melissa has "no game," and that it was a "missed opportunity, retard." I hate Sarah. I hate when people say "retard" to mean "jerk" or "idiot." Sarah reminds Melissa that they discussed strategy. Melissa winces, "Whatever. Just 'cause he's like, Prince Evan." Sarah points out that they're not the ones who get to give out the jewels, and Melissa laughs and agrees. The editors are really going out of their way to make these two seem unlikable. Or maybe they really are unlikable. Either way, yuck.

Zora prepares for her date by using a straightening iron to curl the ends of her hair under, which seems like a bad idea. In an interview, Zora says that "the other girls were smooth and relaxed" on their last dates, and she wasn't. Well, Mojo was relaxed but she definitely wasn't smooth. Evan invites Zora to go for a walk. Is this their date? In an interview, Evan says that Zora was uptight in Paris (read: He totally blew his cover), so he wanted to take her for a walk and see if she was okay (read: if she figured out his secret). The other three women rush over to the window and whisper about Zora and Evan's walk. In an interview, Mojo says they are always wondering what they other women do on their dates. Melissa yells that she bets a hundred Euros that Zora makes out with Evan.

Zora and Evan walk through the woods. Evan says, "And even though that, you know, you weren't, you know, willing to, you know, open up, but that's okay!" You know? That Evan is quite the smooth talker. Evan says he still had a good time. In an interview, Zora says that, to stay sane, she has to keep her guard up, because she's skeptical, and she hasn't even bothered to unpack her suitcase. In an interview, Evan says that Zora told him about her packed suitcase. Zora and Evan arrive back at the chateau. In an interview, Evan says that he thinks Zora is afraid of getting her heart broken. Or she can tell you're a big fucking phony. And I'm not just talking about the money issue. Zora says that some of the women are into "the whole fairy-tale part of it," and that she's not buying it as much. She laughs that she doesn't exactly get character references for him. Evan tells her to trust him. Zora says that Evan hasn't given the women any reason to think he's a bad guy. In an interview, Evan says he feels guilty hanging out with Zora, and that he hates having to reassure her all of the time, so he wanted to get out of the conversation and out of the room.

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