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In an interview, Evan says that the women on the horseback-riding date were a difficult group to talk to. He explains that Heidi was freaked out about the horse, Dayana "seemed to be born without a tongue," Zora was all into riding the horse, and Alison wanted to lead. Evan says he likes girls who take the lead, but that he didn't get to talk to her much. In an interview, Alison says that she was psyched to lead because it meant she didn't have to follow anyone. Yet another thing we have in common. We are so having a slumber party next week, I think. In an interview, Evan says that Alison looked like a Ralph Lauren model, and looked like a million bucks. He adds, "Not that I know what a million bucks looks like," and he was totally stifling a belch during that last sentence and did that thing where you tuck your chin in to hold it in. Hee! Evan concludes that the fact of his modest means could be a problem for Alison. Nooo! I mean, yes! I don't want the women I like to win, right? This is all so confusing. The women arrive back at the stable, where Heidi greets them. In an interview, Heidi says that she probably made a negative impression on Evan, or he felt bad for her, but either way, he'll remember her. Which was obviously her goal all along.

Back at the chateau, Alison and Blandy play cards. Alison bitches about Heidi and her constant complaining and antics. Blandy asks whether Heidi stole everyone's thunder today. Alison responds, "Put it this way. I'm never worried if anyone's stealing my thunder because...if he's a guy who's into that, he's not gonna dig me." I really just love her. Although I cannot figure out why she's on this show. But I'm glad she is, because she keeps me from completely losing faith in the female sex. Alison adds, "So that's his own problem. He's gonna have to go home and live with it." Blandy agrees, because she's bland and has no opinions of her own.

Paul walks into the living room and tells the women he has an announcement. Again, shouldn't this be Alex's job? Where is Alex? Paul says that, as the butler, he never gets to give out the good news. He goes on and on about all the things he doesn't get to do, like, just get to the announcement already! Finally, he says that he's enjoyed being with them, but the next morning will be the second round of eliminations, and seven of the women will be sent home. The women are shocked at the number. In an interview, Mojo says that going from twelve to five was a drastic cut. Frankly, I'm shocked that she could do the math. In an interview, Katie says they thought maybe four would go, so for the number to be seven was a shock. In an interview, Alison says she was nervous for herself and everyone in the room.

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