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Sapphire Necklace

Dana checks out her ass in a pair of jeans. In an interview, Dana says that people say nice things, and she hopes she gets to stay because Evan seems genuine. Man, these girls must be watching this show now and just slapping themselves. Melissa brings up Mojo and Katie makes a face like, "I will kill myself if he picks her." It's nice to know that, despite our difference, we can all unite under a hatred of Mojo.

Zora tells Mojo that it's 8:00 AM. And Mojo is busy putting her hair in curlers. What a tool. Mojo isn't sure about the pink peasant top she's wearing. Nor should she be, because it totally clashes with her hair and complexion. In an interview, Mojo says that, on their date, she made eye contact and spoke from the heart, and she feels that honesty always wins. Zora says that whatever happens, happens.

The women file into a room for the awarding of jewelry. It's funny, because since it's so early in the morning, none of them knew quite how to dress, so some people have on cotton tops and jeans and then there's Heidi in her black wrap dress and knee-high boots. And I think Dana has on leather pants and a sequined top. They all sit down and a ghost dressed all in black floats into the room and intones, "I am the ghost of Hosting Past! I have come to warn you all of the consequences of bad behavior! They will completely edit you out of the show and replace you with an Australian butler who will get his own section on the official website while you are relegated to a small mention in a press release! Oooooh! Aaaaah!" Okay, it's Alex, wearing a very unflattering black suit and a black velvet choker. Her eyes are rimmed with black eyeliner. Is she channeling Stevie Nicks with the ruffles and the makeup? She has a ton of white powder on her face, but her chest is red and blotchy. I am just digging for clues to her sporadic appearances on this show. Maybe she had an allergic reaction to something? As usual, we barely get to see Alex speaking. Instead, we hear her voice-over while we watch the women smiling and looking around. Alex says that Evan will give out five sapphire necklaces as an invitation to stay. She promises to go get Evan and floats out. And that's it for Alex this week.

As the women wait, Evan voice-overs that he'll always wonder what would have happened if he got to know each girl a little better. In an interview, Evan says that he's going to do the best he can with his gut feeling and the instructions given to him by the producers. Okay, I might have added that last part. Evan announces that it's time, and that he got no sleep last night because of his difficult decisions. After some bullshit about how great everyone is, he finally asks Paul to do the honors.

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