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The Aftermath

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The Aftermath

This is the moment that they keep telling us we've all been waiting for. I've only been waiting for it because it signals the end of the episode. Evan walks into the room in slow motion and he and Zora hug. Then they sit down on the loveseat like ten feet away from each other. Yeah, they're so in love. Zora keep asking Evan if it's weird to see each other and he never really answers. Mark says that everyone wants to know their relationship status. Zora says she got a bunch of emails asking her if she was Mrs. Marriott. Neither of them actually answers the question, though. Mark wants Evan to talk about why he chose Zora over the others. Evan says he knew right away that she would make it to the end, and even a tabloid had a picture of their wedding. I actually bought that issue just for that story. I'm that dedicated to this show! Evan says it's funny that America saw that Zora was the right one from the beginning. Evan says he kept telling Zora to unpack and she wouldn't. Mark asks Zora what she liked about Evan. Zora says Evan is an individual, and she saw a different side to him than people who watched the show did. Zora thinks Evan is an average guy, but that there's a lot more going on.

Mark asks what was their favorite moment together in France. Zora says that the horseback riding was cool, and then they both start laughing about the fact that they felt comfortable enough together to pee outside. Ah, yes. Our first pee. I have a page in my scrapbook devoted to the first time my husband and I...oh wait, we never did that. Because it's totally gross and unromantic. They go on and on about the peeing for, like, ten minutes. Mark thinks Evan and Zora have "undeniable chemistry." Evan says they shared the experience together, but now it's time to see if they can have a relationship outside the show, since they haven't tried that. Note that he doesn't actually say that they will do this. Zora says it's difficult to find chemistry with anyone. Then they play the fairy-tale music while Zora tosses her hair. Zora says she looks forward to just hanging out with Evan and having a beer. Zora and Evan walk out together as the fairy-tale music continues. Various women come on screen and talk about how much they love Zora and how Evan made the right choice. The camera guys pay Evan and Zora off (again) to hold hands as they walk out. We close on a shot of Evan and Zora dancing together in the ballroom. So I notice that Mark never outright asked them if they plan on staying together or what. Paul returns to talk about how Evan and Zora were in love, which is a bunch of crap. Why do they have to pretend Evan and Zora love each other, when they both went on various talk shows that week and admitted that they're not together? So dumb.

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