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Blood Lines

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Blood Lines

John walks into The Sea (Digger's club). He says to himself, "Tommy, Tommy, Thomas, Thomas." Digger says that he thought John's name was John. John says that he thought so too, until this. He holds up a piece of glass and asks for a chemical that I'm not even going to attempt to spell out. Digger jokes that he carries that chemical with him everywhere. John looks over the bar and spots "the next best thing," a bottle of alcohol. Annoying Waitress comes up and asks who Tommy is. John recaps the last scene of the previous episode, where the woman called out to him using the name Tommy. Annoying Waitress asks who that woman was, and John says that he's about to find out. John says that the woman is the key to it all, and that he saw her in color. Digger and the waitress (does she have a name, or what?) have no clue what John is talking about, like, he should either fill them in or keep it a secret, but this is just kind of stupid. John says that the woman knew him from before. The waitress asks, "Before what?" John flashes back to the opening scenes of the previous episode, for those of you who missed it. So now we're all caught up. John says that by the time he got to the ferry terminal, the boat was empty. John wonders if the woman was his wife. He used "a nail file and a toilet plunger to cut a piece of the window she touched." He's like MacGyver with selective amnesia. Digger asks John who he is. John says that the answer is in the fingerprints that showed up after he poured alcohol on the glass. Couldn't he just tell them his background? Why is it a secret? I don't know.

Somewhere in Seattle-couver (because it's supposed to be Seattle, but you know it's filmed in Vancouver), a middle-aged man walks out of his house and dives into his swimming pool. You know he's fairly rich because it's an Osbourne-style pool, made to look like a pond. Except that the pool is filled with blood. The guy screams. Cut to the guy explaining to some cops, including Frank, what happened. His wife wonders what animal the blood came from. Cut to an investigator telling Frank that it's human blood. Frank thinks it must have come from a bunch of people, due to the amount, but the tech says that the blood was diluted. Frank hopes for a blood type or some DNA, but the tech says it's not possible because of the chemicals in the pool. I don’t know. If they give a scientific answer, I just accept it at face value and hope someone on the forums will tell me if it's not plausible. I was an English major, people! Frank tells another officer that the wife and daughter took a swim just before bed last night and the water was clear, which leaves eight hours for the perp to dump the blood. The officer tells Frank about the state-of-the-art security system in the house and grounds. Frank asks if the pool man has the access code. The officer says no, and adds that the security company confirms that the system was on all night. Frank says he'll want to talk to the security company. He moves on to talk to another tech, who says that he ran a complete diagnostic and there's no blood in the water pipes. The tech leaves. Frank says, "I've got a pool full of blood and a dozen explanations for how it didn't get there." Who is he talking to right now?

Back at the police station, Frank's boss asks what the M.O. is on Pickford, the pool owner. Shouldn't she be asking what the motivation for the crime is, not the M.O.? Anyway, the boss thinks Pickford must be "protecting something special" to have such an elaborate security system. Frank tells her that Pickford claims he was just protecting his wife and daughter. Pickford and his brother own an import/export business, and Pickford is a deacon at his church and sits on some charity boards. The boss tells Frank to run a list of Pickford's clients and see who might be holding a grudge. They reach the lab, and the boss asks a tech how things are going. The tech says something scientific, and then translates that the victim was killed within the last twenty-four hours. Frank points out that they have the blood, but not the body.

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John Doe




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