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Blood Lines

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Blood Lines

At the bar, Karen tells Digger that she got her stuff. She has a huge box, like, did she live there too or something? John walks in and tells her that he changed his mind, and maybe he does need an assistant. Oh, God. That means that I have to put up with her every week. Maybe she'll be killed for sweeps or something. John tells her that her first assignment is to help him get his furniture back inside. Digger warns John not to let her near his fish tank. John picks up the newspaper, which was sitting on the bar, and reads the headline: "Savant Doe Aids Police."

Back in his apartment, John adds the newspaper clipping to a growing collage on his wall of information and evidence as to his identity.

Cut to an office staffed entirely by men wearing white shirts, black ties, and black pants. They are all sitting at workstations with laptops, telephones, and little lamps. One guy pulls up the article about John Doe on his computer. He prints it out, and then hurries down the hall to an office. He hesitates at the door, and then hands the paper to a woman. She looks at it, and then excuses him. She turns, smirking, and looks out the window. It appears that she is in Istanbul. I know it's not Constantinople, but that's nobody's business but the Turks.

Next week: A psych patient who was locked in his room all night commits a murder. A psychologist offers to help John unlock his repressed memories with a sensory deprivation chamber.

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John Doe




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