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Blood Lines

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Blood Lines

They are interrupted when Frank walks in. Yay! I finally find out that Annoying Waitress is named Karen. She's still annoying, but at least it's less to type. She calls Frank "5-0" and asks for the men's opinion on two paintings. Of course, they each pick a different one. Karen leaves. Frank tells John that he didn't get a match on the fingerprint. John sinks down into a chair. John says that "the other end of the finger must really mean something," and asks John about his back story. John says, "What back story?" Why is it a secret again? Oh, right. It's totally not. I mean, he clearly doesn't care if people think he's crazy, as we just witnessed. And he's not shy. And he's been putting up those signs all over town. I don't know. Anyway, Frank says that the bad guys are still out there. John asks, "What about Lieutenant Bosslady?" See, he doesn't know her name either!

Frank says that he'll probably regret it, but he's in this line of work to make a difference, and so is his boss, so she'll come around. He hands John a folder. Frank says that John was right about the embalming, and adds that the killer used poison to paralyze the victim first by putting it in his breakfast cereal. The paralysis caused the victim's lungs to fill with fluid, and he drowned. John says that the killer staked out the victim. Frank says that there are no fibers or other evidence at the scene. John looks at some crime scene photos and says that the hair on the body is flattened, which indicates that the body was washed after death. Frank thinks the killer just wanted to eliminate fingerprints. He adds that they found traces of a rare herb, pinang, on the body. John says that it was found on the fingertips, and Frank confirms it. John says that the killer was concerned for the soul of his victim, because in Buddhist burial rites, the body is cleansed and pinang is placed between the hands of the corpse to prepare the soul for its afterlife journey. Frank looks through the report and finds a list of countries with which Pickford's company did business. One is Vietnam, which John adds is more than three-quarters Buddhist, and there are many Vietnamese immigrants in town. Frank wonders how many funeral parlors there could be in Little Saigon, and John answers, "Four." See, sometimes John would be annoying, but sometimes he would be useful. Kind of like the internet. But you can't turn him off, like you can with your computer.

John and Frank travel to a funeral parlor in Little Saigon. The owner tells John (in Vietnamese) that Nguyen, their embalmer, called in sick. John asks for an address for Nguyen, and the owner gives it out. Cut to John and Frank arriving at Nguyen's apartment. John knocks, but no one answers. John inspects the lock and then asks Frank for a hairpin and some scissors. Frank raises a foot and kicks in the door, then says that he can't believe John just did that. Inside, they find a bunch of herbs hanging from the ceiling, drying. John starts naming them all. Frank finds a picture of Nguyen and a little girl in a frame on top of the fridge. Who puts pictures on top of their fridge? Just then, Nguyen walks in his back door. When he sees the men in his kitchen, he flees. John and Frank chase him outside and down the street, where they lose him in the crowd. John focuses in on an ATM, which will be important in a minute.

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John Doe




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