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Blood Lines

My stupid FOX affiliate cut off the beginning of the next scene, but I'm going to assume that John and Frank are working with a bank or the city whoever owns the security cameras around. A woman helps them to find Nguyen in various footage taken from around the city. They figure out that he was headed for the docks. Frank deduces that Nguyen was going to Pickford's company. John pulls up the address from his brain, and they take off.

Disaffected Teen Pickford arrives at her father's company. When she enters the office, a fuse starts burning. Elsewhere, cop cars are screaming down the highway. Mr. Pickford shows up at the office as well. Disaffected Teen complains about having to work for her father, and then the wall erupts in flames. Disaffected Teen runs out. The cop cars pull up. Pickford reaches for a fire extinguisher. John runs into the office and sees that the extinguisher is a Class B, so he wrestles it away from Pickford and they both run outside.

Fade in on Pickford telling John outside that he could have put out the fire himself. A lab tech shows John a readout indicating that the extinguisher's contents are poisonous. Pickford asks how John could have known that. John says that the building code requires Pickford's office building to have a Class A extinguisher. I totally didn't get this on first viewing, because I'm dumb. Basically, Nguyen gave Pickford a fake extinguisher filled with poison, and then started a fire to give Pickford a reason to use it. John knew it was fake because it was the wrong class. Which I'm sure you totally got, but I didn't. Lt. Bosslady walks up. A uniform hands over a Class A extinguisher that he found in a dumpster in the alley. Lt. Bosslady looks at John like he's good enough to eat. She tells Pickford that they have an APB out on Nguyen, but in the meantime, they want to put Pickford in protective custody in a safe house. Mrs. Pickford asks about her and Disaffected Teen. Frank says that they will be safest if they are far away from Pickford. Mrs. Pickford says that they can stay with her mother in Issaquah, and then thanks John for saving her family. Lt. Bosslady tells John to imagine the consequences if his hunch was off. Then she admits that she's glad he had the hunch, and walks off.

John sees Disaffected Teen standing alone by the water. He walks up and says, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." I think he could be arrested for that, since she's underage. Oh, he was talking about his scar. He shows her his mystery mark and asks if she has any ideas what it is. She doesn't answer. John says that she and her family are going through a tough spot. She says he doesn't know the half of it. John asks what she means. She says that they are freaks, and wonders why she can't have a normal family. John knows what she means. Disaffected Teen asks if he's married, and then looks at his wedding band. John says that his family is "a little nondescript." Disaffected Teen says that her parents fight all the time, and her father has "a whole walk-in closet full of skeletons." John asks what she means. She says that people are always pissed at him and hanging around. Pickford comes over and barks at his daughter that they have to go. She stands up to leave, but tells John that she thinks his mark is some kind of astrological sign. She's actually not a bad actress.

John walks into his loft and finds Karen there, crying. She says that she lost her keys and got locked out of her apartment, so he invites her in. He asks if she's okay. She doesn't answer at first, but then says that she has a lot of credit card debt, a cat to support, her rent is due, and she just got fired. John is surprised that Digger fired her. Karen admits that she forgot to seal up the lobster tank. But they didn't die. So who cares? I think he fired her because she's annoying. Oh, and also she's only eighteen, so maybe she's not allowed to serve liquor? John says he's sorry. Karen gets all excited and says that she has an idea: John should hire her as his assistant. Oh my God, she is so annoying. She's that kind of annoying where she thinks she's really cute, and you just want to slap her. John tells her that he's "a bit of a loner and not too good with attachments." Her face falls. After a minute, she says that based on what he's done to his apartment because of a mystery woman, he seems to be looking for attachments. Well, if that's true, he just thinks you're annoying and doesn't want to work with you every day. Take the hint! Karen leaves.

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