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Blood Lines

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Blood Lines

John searches the internet for information about the ferry schedule. Shouldn't he just know that information? He knows the contents of the phone book, but not this? I don't understand the breadth of his knowledge. John voice-overs a bunch of questions about himself.

In the bar, Digger calls John "Sherlock Holmes" and pours him a shot. Digger toasts, "May all your ups and downs be under the sheets." Can I just tell you that I was at a wedding where that was the best man's toast? I thought it was kind of inappropriate. Anyway. John starts spouting off statistics about marriage licenses. Digger reveals that he's been married many times. John asks how it feels. Digger says, "You ever had a root canal? Ever watched a Maui sunset three Mai Tais in? Feels like a little of both. Why? Some filly trying to take you out of the race?" John wonders if she already did.

John sits at home and works on the case. He wonders why Pickford's brother's death involved a simulated drowning. John searches the internet for information on import/export routes. He pulls up a list of manifests for Pickford's company, and realizes that one of the containers is missing.

John tells Frank and Lt. Bosslady that the missing container was accounted for in Pickford's outgoing cargo inventory, but it never came in. Lt. Bosslady asks what happened to it. John says that it was loaded for discharge but never made it to shore. Frank says that it's "a regular Scooby Doo." Lt. Bosslady says that the only place to hide it is in the water. Cut to a crane placing the missing container on the dock. A cop walks up and opens the door, and water floods out. Along with a bunch of corpses. Eesh. John, Frank, and Lt. Bosslady are stunned. Inside the container are even more corpses, all of whom appear to be Vietnamese.

The cops execute a search warrant on Nguyen's home. Frank tells Lt. Bosslady that Immigration is trying to find families of the deceased in Vietnam, and Forensics is trying to ID the victims. Frank asks the room at large what Nguyen is hiding. Lt. Bosslady wonders how long the Pickfords were smuggling immigrants on the side, and if Nguyen was the first to find out. Frank says that the Pickfords are cowards for drowning the immigrants instead of facing charges. Lt. Bosslady wonders why Nguyen didn't go to the police. John points out that Nguyen probably didn't have great experiences with the Vietnamese cops, and Frank adds that Nguyen and the other immigrants were breaking laws by entering the country, so they wouldn't want to alert the police to their presence. Lt. Bosslady says that Pickford is in their safe house, so it should be easy enough to bring him in for questioning. John spots a phone book on the table, and opens it to find a bunch of surveillance type photos of Pickford's wife and daughter. Frank picks up a slip of paper and hands it to Lt. Bosslady, who realizes that it's the address of their safe house. She tells Frank to call there and then go out there. John starts to follow them, but Lt. Bosslady stops him. She knows he helped, but he can't be involved anymore. John looks at the photo of Nguyen and the little girl, then looks at the photo of Mrs. Pickford and Disaffected Teen. He looks in the phone book and sees that the word Issaquah is circled. He flashes back to Mrs. Pickford saying that she was going to stay in Issaquah.

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