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Blood Lines

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Blood Lines

John takes off in his car, but gets stuck in traffic. He stands up and hotwires a nearby motorcycle. After strapping on a helmet, he takes off, weaving in and out of traffic.

Nguyen fills a syringe with a clear liquid and then squirts a few drops into a canister. John is still driving really fast. Frank and Lt. Bosslady are also driving fast. Nguyen fits the canister into a gun. John goes off-road on the motorcycle and nearly takes out a bunch of pedestrians. Frank and Lt. Bosslady drive fast. At the safe house, a cop informs Frank that Pickford is present and accounted for. Pickford sits by a large window and watches sports on TV. He looks up when he hears the sirens outside. Nguyen sneaks up to a fence and points his gun towards…Disaffected Teen. This was kind of like the end of Silence of the Lambs when the cops go to the wrong house and Jodie Foster goes to the right one. Before Nguyen can shoot the poison dart, John yells at him in Vietnamese. Nguyen turns and points the gun at John, who says he knows what happened to Nguyen's daughter and brother. Nguyen starts crying and says that Pickford has to pay. John tells him, "Not like this." Nguyen swings around as if to shoot Disaffected Teen (who is wearing headphones, which is why she didn't hear the whole altercation). John knocks him down, and Nguyen falls into some trashcans. John goes to check on him and discovers that Nguyen shot himself in the leg with the poison dart. He's dead. Well, good thing John wasn't responsible.

Pickford is led into the police station in handcuffs. Lt. Bosslady asks John how he knew. John says that he saw the photographs and figured that Nguyen had a daughter and brother who were killed by Pickford, so he wanted "an eye for an eye." Lt. Bosslady says that she might have been wrong, and maybe John can help. Well, it doesn't hurt that the police are really, really dumb. John spots Disaffected Teen sitting on a bench, and asks her if she's going to be okay. They quote Sisters of Mercy song lyrics to each other. She asks who he is. John says that he's John Doe. She asks if his wife's name is Jane Doe. She's awfully chipper for someone whose father was just arrested. John tells her that it'll be okay. She asks how he knows. John says that he knows everything.

John walks out to the waterfront. The sausage vendor yells out to him, so John walks over. The sausage vendor says that something is troubling John. John says he's looking for someone. The vendor says that it's a lady, because it's always a lady. He offers up a piece of advice: "She will turn up, but only if you stop looking." The vendor gives him a sausage on the house. That sounded like a euphemism, but it wasn't. John takes a bit of the sausage, then sets it down on a bench and removes his wedding band. He flashes back to the woman calling out, and tosses the ring into the water.

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John Doe




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