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Doe Re: Me

Daniel and Polly walk through the grounds of some institution. A nurse tells John that she thinks the siblings will be very happy there, and reveals that John has paid in advance for a number of years. John says that he's not a relative -- just a friend.

John searches newspaper accounts of the search for Dr. Jansen. He's still missing. At the bar, John plays piano. John is wearing a white shirt unbuttoned to his navel. The song ends, and Digger tests John on the ingredients for another drink. Digger points out that John's nearly successful speed date from the other night is back. John gives Karen a look, but Karen says she had nothing to do with it. John gets up to talk to her. Karen tells Digger that he wouldn't believe what it took to get the girl back in there. Man, she just doesn't quit. John talks to the girl, who compliments his piano playing. John starts to explain about his condition, and the girl isn't freaked out about it. Which no one would be, so I still don't get why it's a big secret. They laugh and talk.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jansen is buried in a shallow grave in the middle of the desert by two men dressed in white shirts and ties, just like the guys in Istanbul at the end of the last episode. The gravediggers get into a car, which is driven by the smirky woman at the end of the previous episode. I'm just going to call her Mrs. Palmer, because she played Laura Palmer's mom on Twin Peaks. We see that the tape of John's session is also in the car.

Next week: John appears to be the perpetrator of a thirty-year-old crime.

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