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Doe Re: Me

Frank and John arrive at the loony bin. John starts spouting off facts about the institution, including that a Dr. Jansen founded it. Frank laughs at John's freakish knowledge until John asks if they can avoid that topic. Sure, dude. Just stop spouting off useless facts! That's the best way to stop people from saying, "Wow, you really are a freak." Anyway, Frank gives John the bullet on the crime under investigation.

Inside, Arye Gross looks like he's aged about forty years since he appeared on the early episodes of Ellen, back when it was still called These Friends of Mine. Arye is playing Dr. Jansen, who runs the facility. Jansen doesn't want to let Frank and John talk to Bowen. Frank points out that Bowen's DNA was all over the victim. Jansen doesn't even want to disclose why Bowen is in there. Frank threatens him with a visit from the health and building inspectors. A nurse walks up and hands Jansen a folder. Jansen asks whether Frank has "the slightest idea of what [he does]." Jansen explains that he takes the Psych patients no one else wants and helps them recover their repressed memories and heal. John perks up at the mention of repressed memories. The nurse explains that Jansen has developed a new method for unlocking past traumas. John starts questioning the doctor. Frank interrupts to say that he wants to see Bowen. Jansen says that Bowen is halfway through treatment, and that questioning him about a crime he couldn't have committed will just undo the progress they've made thus far. Frank says that a court order is on its way. Jansen warns Frank not to screw up his patient, and walks away. John stares after Jansen longingly. Frank asks whether John buys into "this voodoo." John claims that he doesn't, but he can't hide those lying eyes, and his smile is a thin disguise. I thought by now, he'd realize, there ain't no way to hide those lying eyes. Sorry, I was listening to the easy-listening station while walking my dog today and some of the songs are still rattling around in my brain.

Frank and John meet with Bowen, who has many, many scars on his arms. John asks about the scars. Bowen says that they are from a butcher knife he stole from the cafeteria. Frank asks what happened to the knife, and Bowen crazies, "Gone. Poof." Frank asks Bowen where he was on Thursday night. Bowen says he was there in the hospital, where he always is. John asks Bowen what he's writing. Bowen says that it's a story. John asks what it's about. Bowen says it's about "the beginning of the end." Frank walks closer and asks Bowen if he hurt somebody. Bowen kind of nods and says that he did, and that he's sorry. He adds, "Cut in half." Frank gives John a look like, "Told you so." John asks Bowen whether he is able to leave his room at night. Bowen says that he can sometimes and concludes, "In my mind, I can go anywhere."

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