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Doe Re: Me

John and Frank talk to the institution's security guard. The guard says that surveillance cameras and alarm systems haven't yielded any evidence that Bowen got out that night, and that they also haven't found any butcher knife that could have been used as a murder weapon. Now, I'm no murderer, but can you really cut through a human body with a butcher knife? It seems like you'd need some type of saw to get through the spinal column. Not that I've thought about this before. Frank thinks that Jansen is suspicious. John starts babbling about a deformity Bowen has, commonly known as "foot drop," which would make it very difficult for Bowen to carry a body. Frank wants to take Bowen in for questioning anyway. John doesn't think Bowen did it. Frank says, "Oh, brother. Well, if he didn't do it, Doe, who did?" John picks up on the word "brother" and theorizes that Bowen has an identical twin with identical DNA who committed the crime. Frank points out that they barely have records on Dan Bowen, so how are they supposed to find a possible twin brother? John says that Dan Bowen was left-handed, which makes it more likely that he is a twin. The things you find out on this show! I swear.

John and Frank go to visit the Computer Records Lady, who also has not been given a name yet. She tap tap taps on her keyboard as John makes a flowchart on a whiteboard and Frank eats some takeout. Basically, they cross-reference the data that they have with birth and DMV records and find a set of twins who were placed up for adoption -- Daniel and Christopher. Christopher was an orphan until age sixteen, when he changed his last name to Beaureguard. Computer Records Lady prints out an old DMV record for Christopher Beaureguard and says that his landlord gave them the work address. Frank tells John and CRL that they're not normal. John and CRL stare at each other and giggle. Why can't CRL be his assistant instead of Karen? She's so much cooler. Frank and John take off to track down Christopher Beaureguard, and then there's a weird reaction shot where CRL looks totally bummed that they didn't ask her to come along, and then she turns back to her computer, because she has more work to do, I guess. I know how that feels. All recapping and no play makes Kim a dull girl.

Frank and John show up at a janitor's closet in some office building. Wow, that is one specific work address. The landlord must have been like, "Chris works out of the closet at the west end of the third floor." Inside, they find a woman who is challenged in some unclear way and tells them that they can't talk to Chris, because he's been dead for nine months. Call John Edward! Frank says that one of their suspects is locked up with no way out, and the other one is in a hole. So Frank's sensitivities extend from the mentally ill to the deceased. Female Janitor says, "No way out." Whatever.

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