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Doe Re: Me

Polly the Female Janitor pushes her cart out of the closet, mumbling about stretch marks and cottage cheese. Frank asks what that's about, and John says that she's talking about medical waste. John asks Polly if she works for plastic surgeons. Polly mumbles about cellulite and love handles. Frank confirms that Christopher has been dead for nine months, and asks if he ever mentioned having a twin brother. Polly says that they just worked together. The whole time, John watches Polly intently. Frank asks if Christopher held any grudges. Polly doesn't think so. Frank asks if he expressed any anger. Polly wonders why they are asking so many questions. Frank says that it's a police matter and thanks her for her time. John says, "Christopher isn't dead, is he?" Polly ignores him, and Frank wants to leave. John says that Polly bent at the waist to pick up a mop she dropped, which is a male trait, and adds that the distance from her eyebrows to her hairline is over three inches, which is the average length for a male. Polly says that Christopher is dead. Frank apologizes for John, who isn't giving it up. John says that he bets if they looked in Polly's medicine cabinet, they'd find progesterone, which is used by male-to-female transsexuals. Polly asks what he's talking about. John says that Polly is Christopher. Polly angrily says that Christopher is dead, and that she cut him out. I don't even want to know what that was referring to. Also, couldn't John just look for an Adam's apple like a normal person?

Polly is brought in for questioning. Lt. Bosslady notes that the twin who could've done it says that she didn't, and the one couldn't have will say whatever they want him to. John observes Daniel in another interview room. He notices that Daniel is missing a pinky fingernail. Lt. Bosslady asks what he's looking at. John gives some speech about how he can tell you every fact about twins, but he can't look in their eyes and tell you what's inside, any more than he can tell you what's inside himself. Well, he stops himself before that last part, because it's still apparently a big secret that he has no memories. John takes off and Lt. Bosslady gives a look like, "He's such a mystery. I must have him."

Frank and Lt. Bosslady pedeconference about the progress of their case. Lt. Bosslady says that they've put in for a search warrant for Polly's apartment and work locker. Frank reveals that Dr. Jansen has a record: he was arrested four years ago for threatening a clarinet teacher. Could there be a less scary crime? Oh, no! Not my clarinet teacher! He moonlights as a bouncer! Anyway, it wasn't Jansen's teacher. It was one of his patient's teachers, and Jansen felt the teacher was threatening his patient's progress. Lt. Bosslady says that they don't even have a connection between Bowen and the victim yet. Frank thinks they should watch Jansen; Lt. Bosslady says that until they have a case, they should watch everyone.

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