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Doe Re: Me

At Digger's bar, Karen looks nervously at a group of women. John walks in, and she admonishes him for being late. She explains that she set up a speed-dating night. John's not interested. Karen explains the concept: he spends five minutes with each potential date, chatting and (according to Karen), lying. At the end, he writes down the name of the three he liked, and if any of them wrote his name, too, they get together. Karen is way too invested in the possibility of John getting lucky.

Cue the wacky speed-dating montage. The first woman collects sugar spoons, and John gives her some facts about the number of eating utensils in the White House. The second one tells a boring story about waiting a long time for her food in a restaurant and then busts John staring at her rack. Okay, that was kind of funny. The third one asks about John's hobbies, and he says that he likes to test Stephen Hawking's theories. The fourth one says that she likes junk food. John says he likes spicy hot dogs, and they bond over that. She asks about his unusual name, and John says that his parents were "always full of surprises -- at least while [he] knew them." She asks about that, and John dodges the question by saying that he doesn't remember them. She asks where he grew up, and he says, "Twin Falls, Idaho." The woman is psyched, because that's her hometown, too. Oops. She is charmingly dorky. John says that his family moved to Istanbul. Interesting that he came up with Istanbul so quickly when it was featured in the last episode. Twin Falls Lady says that she thought he didn't know his parents. Oops, again. Karen catches up to John at the bar and asks how it's going. He's silent, and she realizes that it's not going well. Digger asks if John went "talking the Encyclopedia Britannica" again. John doesn't know what to say to the women, and Digger advises him to say what they want to hear. John says that they don't know what it's like to have no personality (Karen does), and that he had a connection with Twin Falls Lady for a second. John walks away, disgusted with himself. Digger tells Karen that his third wife had no personality, and they were married for four years.

John goes to see Dr. Jansen, who is not happy to see him. John asks whether Jansen knows that Daniel Bowen had a twin. Jansen recently became aware of that. John points out that Jansen didn't tell the cops. Jansen says it's irrelevant, because Daniel inflicts violence inward and not toward others. John questions Jansen about his methodology. Jansen says, "I resurrect the repressed past, forcing the patient to relive the memories in order to confront them." John asks more questions, but Jansen doesn't want to spill all of the details of his secret. John says that biofeedback and guided visualization haven't been proven to work. Jansen asks who John is, if he's not a detective. John doesn't answer. Jansen says there's "a yearning" about John, and asks what he's hiding. John admits that he has "retrograde amnesia." Jansen asks John about his first memory. John is silent. Jansen is fascinated, and talks about all of the hidden memories that John might have, and whether John wants to find out about them. John wonders why Jansen is so interested. Jansen says that John has the "consummate psychological ailment," and Jansen wants to prove that he has "the consummate cure."

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