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Doe Re: Me

Jansen introduces John to the sensory deprivation chamber. John gets in and gets hooked up to a bunch of sensors. Jansen stands in an observation booth nearby and talks to John via microphone. John starts to kind of freak out, as would I, because I'm claustrophobic. Jansen talks John through it. We see some flashes of John's memory. The island where we first saw him. The forest. The desert. A shadowy figure reaching out toward us. Commercial. I so thought this commercial was part of the show at first. Until the Jeep logo appeared.

John wakes up, still in the chamber. He starts calling out, and no one answers. We see that there is no one in the observation booth. John starts pounding on the chamber's lid and continues yelling. A security guard shows up and lets John out. John asks where Jansen is. The nurse we saw earlier steps into the room and says that John was in the chamber for two hours. John rushes into the observation booth and asks if Jansen records his sessions. The nurse looks and sees that the tape is gone. John looks at the readouts from his sensors and realizes that there is brainwave activity, which means that he was having memories. He searches the videotapes on the shelf, and finds one belonging to Daniel Bowen -- and he apparently just takes it, which seems to be against some sort of law to me.

At the station, Frank asks John why he went back to the institution in the first place. John says he wanted to experience Jansen's therapy first-hand to better understand the case. Frank asks if this is about the case or about John's lack of memories. And this matters why? John says that he got Bowen's tape, but Frank says that they already had a search warrant for it. Frank is annoyed that John went back alone. John says that there are things about him Frank doesn't understand. Frank gets a phone call and tells John that they got something.

Frank and John arrive in an alley, where they discover Lt. Bosslady and other cops looking at the top half of a body. Frank thinks it's the other half of the body they found previously, but the tech explains that this is a fresh kill, and thus a new second victim. That corpse is the worst-looking thing I've ever seen. I made a better corpse for the Haunted House my seventh-grade class put on to raise money for our class trip to Toronto. Lt. Bosslady says that the victim's purse was left behind, and tells Frank to work that angle. She also wants the tech to rush the DNA results, so that they can see if Bowen was involved. Frank points out that Jansen doesn't have much of an alibi.

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