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Doe Re: Me

Computer Records Lady, John and Frank watch Daniel Bowen's tape. Daniel talks about being cut in half and other nonsense. Frank can't believe John voluntarily got in "that cuckoo's coffin." John says that Daniel might be talking about being cut in half from Polly/Christopher. Frank says the theory is that Jansen is avenging his patients, and orders CRL to start looking for a link between the second victim and the brothers Bowen.

Frank tells someone on the phone that he's looking for Dr. Jansen. John and CRL walk up and tell Frank that the first victim worked in the Child Social Services office in 1982. CRL explains that the cross-referenced her with missing-persons reports filed in the last seventy-two hours, and discovered that Victim #2 also worked in Child Services twenty years ago. Frank thinks that Jansen is making a statement by cutting the victims in half, and that there might be more to the statement. Okay, I still don't understand why Polly/Christopher has been eliminated as a suspect. John thinks they should go to the site of Child Services in 1982, a building that has now been abandoned.

A team of cops searches the building. One cop calls the rest of them over. John and Frank arrive to discover yet another corpse -- one that has been constructed from the missing halves of the two victims. Frank concludes, "There's your statement." I know some people were upset about how graphic this episode was, but I just thought the bodies looked so fake that it didn't bother me. But I'm hard as nails.

Frank tells Lt. Bosslady that both victims worked at Child Services, and that they were the ones who made the decision to split up the twins. There was, however, a third administrator named Peter Druzinski, and they have units headed over to his house. John stops and notices Polly/Christopher being processed by the cops. He focuses in on her hands and notices that she has long, fake nails. He flashes back to Daniel's missing fingernail, and then flashes back to Jansen's nurse, who was also missing a nail.

John goes back to the institution and tells the nurse that Dr. Jansen is now the main suspect, because they think he's been exacting revenge on the twins' behalf. John tells her that there is a third potential victim, but that he's camping at Olympic National Forest. Police are searching for him in the northwest basin, but John thinks he's in the southeast basin. John asks Nurse Miller if there's anything she can tell him about Jansen's whereabouts. Nurse Miller doesn't know. John tells her that Bowen is being released today. Nurse Miller thanks him, and John notices her missing fingernail again.

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