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John looks up the Phoenix online. For those of you unfamiliar with the myth, only one Phoenix lived at a time, and when it was about to die, it would start a fire and die in the flames. John leaves out the part where a new Phoenix would then rise from the ashes. John lists off the Phoenix, the woman from the ferry, and the song "My Funny Valentine," and wonders if they are all connected. He doesn't know if the woman's name is really Theresa, or if she has anything to do with this, but he thinks that since he saw her pictures in color, it has to mean something, so he wants to find her.

Black Duster and Mrs. Palmer walk into a park. Mrs. Palmer sits on a bench next to a figure wrapped in a trench coat and wearing a stocking cap. They're both wearing gloves. They speak to each other in sign language. Stocking Cap says, "You failed to win his trust. To harness him. What happened?" Mrs. Palmer replies, "He's more intuitive than I anticipated. He didn't take the bait." Stocking Cap: "I warned you. The truth would have been easier." Mrs. Palmer: "Forgive me." Stocking Cap stands and walks away. Black Duster walks up behind Mrs. Palmer, unsheathes a knife, and sticks it into the back of Mrs. Palmer's neck. Her eyes go wide, and she slumps over. Black Duster puts the knife away, and we see that it has the symbol of a Phoenix on it. I totally think that Stocking Cap is Theresa, and I'm stating it here so I'll either look really smart, or really dumb, whenever we find out the truth.

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John Doe




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