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Back at the station, Frank reports that the P.I.'s grandmother recently went deaf, so he took a sign language class. Lt. Bosslady walks up and introduces an officer who knows sign language. She and John talk to each other in sign language for a minute, and then she says that she's on it, and leaves. I have to say, John's sign language sucks. He is way too emphatic and slow with his gestures. John explains that he got an approximate height and weight on Black Duster from the paintings, and that there are three hearing-impaired supply stores in Seacouver. John sent the officer to check with the owners and see if any of them could ID Black Duster. Frank says he'll call some hearing specialists to see if they can help. Lt. Bosslady asks John what he's not telling them, and who would be so desperate to reach him. John says he'd tell her if he knew.

Stella! All of my favorite tertiary characters are on this week. John explains to her that the sign language officer got a list of seven possibilities for Black Duster, and he's cross-referencing it with the phone company's records on owners of TTY units. Stella points out that hacking into the phone company's records is illegal. John tells her to call the cops. Stella picks out two names that fit the criteria and reads them out to John. One name is Charles Giteau, and John realizes that it's the name of the guy who assassinated President James Garfield. Stella does a reverse trace on the phone number and gets an address. John says that it's a transient hotel on Beacon Hill. Stella says that she'll call Frank, but John stops her. Stella says that she has to, and John promises to grab Frank on the way out.

John goes to Beacon Hill alone. The manager lets him into Giteau's room. John notes the TTY unit. He looks through the rest of the room and realizes that one of the ceiling tiles has been moved around because the water stain pattern is messed up. He reaches up and pulls out a case that used to hold a gun, but is now empty. Some photographs also fall out. John picks them up. They're pictures of the woman from the ferry, and they appear in partial color to John. One of the pictures features a house number.

John goes to the house that was in the picture and rings the doorbell. When no one answers, he walks right in. The house seems empty. He sees pictures of Ferry Woman all over the place, and John is in some of them too. He picks up a photo of Ferry Woman, a dog, and himself. A teakettle whistles, so John walks into the kitchen. Mrs. Palmer is sitting there. John asks who she is, and she gives him the Lemon Face. Or maybe that's the only face she can make. That woman has the most puckery face I've ever seen.

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John Doe




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