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Lt. Bosslady calls from the doorway of the house, "Frank, you've got to see this. John, you too." John walks into the house, which looks completely different from when he was there before. John mutters to himself that it's not the same, that the whole house was a fake. There are tons of magazines and newspapers stacked around, and garbage all over the floor. I think they just reused the set from the first dead guy John found in the last episode, and added in some cats, because while crazy guys don't have cats, crazy women do. John walks into one room and finds a shrine with tons of candles and pictures of John on it. At the top is a sign that says, "Have you seen me? I'm missing." Frank tells John that he has his own personal stalker. A cop comes in and tells Lt. Bosslady that he found "some kind of gizmo." Just the word "gizmo" cracked me up for some reason. Lt. Bosslady inspects the gizmo, but she doesn't know what it is. Frank is a gizmo expert, I guess, because he immediately knows that it's a portable electric chair, and was probably used to kill the P.I., whom I had completely forgotten about at this point. John examines the shrine, then walks around the room. Something on the floor catches his eye, because it's in color. He picks up a small figure of a Phoenix, and the color fades as he holds it in his hand.

John sits in the police station, staring dully into space. Lt. Bosslady enters and asks if he wants anything, because he looks like he hasn't eaten in a week. John mutters, "Cupcakes. Homemade cupcakes." Lt. Bosslady says that the property records show the house was leased to Marjorie Sortlin, who has a history of stalking. John says, "They switched her with the woman from the ferry. They have Theresa's photograph. Maybe they have her." Maybe instead of talking in cryptograms, John could actually explain what happened. I'm just saying. Lt. Bosslady says that Marjorie is "some head case," and she hired the P.I. to find John, and then killed the P.I. so that no one would know she was coming for John next. John says that he was in the house two days ago, and "they killed her." Okay, again, a more full explanation might help the cops understand. Lt. Bosslady asks who he's talking about, and John says that he doesn't know, but "there are people out there trying to manipulate [him]" and use him for some purpose. Lt. Bosslady says she can't help him without more specifics. Instead of starting from the top, John says that he has a picture, and grabs his coat to retrieve it. Of course, it's not there. John sits down and says that he doesn't know what's happening. Lt. Bosslady says that John vanished for the last seventy-two hours, and asks where he went. Instead of just answering the goddamn question, John says that he was trying to find himself. Lt. Bosslady asks if he did. John starts relating tales that Lorne told him about his horse and his parents. The Field of Dreams music starts up again. John says that he wanted it all to be true, but it's nothing. John says that he's having a hard time. Lt. Bosslady says that she's had those. She stands and starts to walk out, and then turns and says that her fiancée died of a gunshot wound, when he was on the force too. Lt. Bosslady says that she went back to work three days later, and she shouldn't have, because it was a problem for her and everyone around her. In conclusion, she thinks John should take some time and clear his head. She walks out.

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John Doe




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