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Later, Frank walks toward Doe, mumbling, "Killing some to keep others alive. Makes me sick." The police remove all the bodies. Jamie tells Doe he's lucky, because he could have been in there with them. The three of them bond for a minute. They're all glad Doe's alive.

Seacouver. Frank: "Eminent transplant surgeon Dr. Alistair Dormand." Like all good insane enemies, he's got a past -- his wife died while waiting for a transplant. Then Mr. French became a heroin addict who started selling body parts to make a living. Frank: "We tossed the ship and found the names of most of the victims. Your guy's been in and out of homeless shelters for eight years." Then Frank wants to know why Doe still needs to talk to Mr. French. Doe: "Answers." Blah he could have been on that boat, blah just before he was found the first time blah. Only guess what? Oh, come on -- you can guess! That's right. Mr. French has killed himself, slit his wrists with the glass in his eyeglasses.

Morgue. JD2's father identifies the body as Doe watches through a window in the door. The old man walks out and sees Doe there. He says, "Yes. It's my son. He'd been out of touch for seven, eight years now. My wife. She would have given anything to have seen him one more time before she passed." Doe's very quiet. JD2's pop asks, "And you knew Scott how again?" John says, "We worked at the same factory." This brightens up JD2's dad. "We thought he lost his way, drugs, and the like. I just wonder if you knew why he felt he couldn't come home?" John: "Sometimes. The past is hard to forget." Then the dad says that Doe reminds him of his son, around the eyes. Honestly, the cheese factor is a bit much, but this scene is really sweet, and kind of tender. JD2's dad apologizes, but before he walks away, John says, "He wanted you to know that he made something of his life." The dad thanks him and walks away. Jamie comes up and tells John, "That was nice." John: "It's hard. Not knowing." Jamie: "What, like you not knowing who you are?" John flirts, "What are you doing in a hospital? I thought you hated them." Jamie: "Baby steps. Trying to clear up that nasty nosocomephobia you diagnosed me with." John starts to intellectualize, but then stops and says, "I'm sorry. I was just trying to help." Jamie lets out some skeletons: she lost someone recently, and spent a fair share of long nights at the hospital. Yawn. Like we didn't see that coming. Then Jamie tells him that he tries too hard, and she doesn't want him to get himself killed. Doe says that it was worth it, to maybe find out who he once was. Jamie: "Has it occurred to you that not every case is about you?" John asks: "Who was your childhood best friend? What was your mother's maiden name? Your father, what did he give you for your 16th birthday?" Blah rock, blah searching, blah hint, blah Identity Quest, blah bonding blah. In the end, John tells Jamie that he'd really like some baggage, because everyone has some. I have plenty; he's totally welcome to it. Jamie says the two of them are square. John says fine. And then he leaves and walks down the blue-lit, dark, deep morgue hallway into the rest of his life.

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