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Doe-Interna-Vision: "Curiosity." Someone stares at Frank and John as they consider the trailer. "It's always dangerous to the cat."

Back outside, Frank says, "Now you're the suspension expert. That thing a little low on its springs?" John and Frank decide to enter the trailer. They don't have a warrant. In fact, I don't even think they knock.

Inside, Ray types on a computer keyboard especially made for the sight-impaired. He hears someone come in, and calls, "Who's there?" Nasty Neighbour stands just beside him. Frank responds, "Your friendly neighbourhood police department." Only they don't have a warrant, and Doe's not even a cop. Well, Frank was right; Brunellas is obese. Ray snaps, "Ah, you moronic wench! Get the hell out of here you pigs." Frank strolls right into the man's living room: "Ah, we could do that, but you'd have to come with us." Pause. "Could be a while, Ray, might miss dessert." Not only are they illegally in the man's house, but Frank's insulting him in a royally offensive way. I'll give John Doe props for one thing: they hired an actor who is actually blind. None of this Val Kilmer/Mira Sorvino Hollywood-blind act. We'll cling to this slight bit of reality throughout this episode. Okay? Okay. Now, let's get back to business. Ray: "What? What do you want?" Doe: "Why is a truck registered in your name?" Ray: "Hell if I know?" What about the hospital kidnapping? You know, for not being a cop, John sure knows how to interrogate a poor guy. Ray stutters, "I don't know anybody who would do anything like that!" The "moronic wench" says, "Why don't you just leave him alone? He's just a businessman trying to make do." Hell, I'd love to work in a wife-beater; I might scare people, but at least I'd be comfortable like Ray. Frank: "Oh yeah, same kind of work that got you a nickel up at Arborville, right?" Ray protests. He does online work for charities. He's legit.

John walks forward toward the man and his keyboard: "Nice rig!" Then he starts reading Braille. You heard me. Apparently, you lose your memory, and then you can communicate with the blind. John says, "What charities are after adult males, ages twenty to thirty, no medical history, no deformities, blood type AB negative." Ray snaps off his computer with the wicked-switch under his desk, only John's reading from a print-out -- it doesn't magically disappear once the computer shuts down. Doe explodes. He goes for Ray's neck, screaming, "Where'd they take him, where'd they take him!" Frank hauls him off the poor man, and as they leave the house, Ray tells them to get a warrant if they ever want to come back. Wow. That was productive. Or not.

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