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John D.O.A.

After Digger leaves, John sighs and looks at all the people around. A voice comes from behind him. It's Pesco! He recites the 23rd Psalm, and that's the second show I've recapped this week that's used that reference. What's up with that? Pesco compliments John's piano act, and John growls and slams Pesco up against the wall. Pesco tells John that he can set up the bomb under Lt. Bosslady's chair with his cell phone. John asks if she's alive. If she were dead, why would the bomb be a threat? So she could be more dead? John says that Pesco murdered people to flush John out, and now he's there. John asks if the brand means they are connected. Pesco says it would be a big coincidence. John asks what Pesco wants. Pesco says he wants to finish the game. John yells, "This is not a game! You're playing with people's lives!" Could there be a more stereotypical piece of dialogue when dealing with a serial killer? Pesco says that he's killed in many cities and finally found a challenge. John asks why he kidnapped Lt. Bosslady. Pesco says, "Either you stop me, or I stop her. Heart. Tick-tock." Shut up, Pesco. You're annoying. John hears a cop radio and looks down to the first level, where some cops are entering the bar. When he turns back, Pesco is gone. I hate when they do that on television and in movies. No one can get away that quickly. John makes the crazy eyes. Although it's a bit of a variant on the crazy eyes; it's more like crazy eyes plus slight acid reflux.

Ruiz rampages through the cop station complaining about how now he's got two fugitives and they need to put double surveillance on John's loft. He orders Stella and Stu (who should totally start dating) to give him more evidence. Stella and Stu go over the shoe print evidence, and explain that they think it's a custom shoe because it doesn't match anything in the database. Ruiz asks how they know the print belongs to Pesco and not a pizza guy. Stu asks, "A pizza guy with custom shoes?" Go, Stu! Frank points out that Pesco didn't leave any hair or fibers, but did leave a perfect shoe print, so Frank thinks it's planted. Ruiz pulls Frank aside and asks him to stop second-guessing for the sake of morale. Frank says he respects Ruiz's experience, but he's more familiar with the case. Ruiz asks if Frank thinks he's being too harsh. Before Frank can answer, Ruiz reveals that he was Lt. Bosslady's Tragically Dead Fiancé's partner and friend. Ruiz doesn't want to lose Lt. Bosslady too. A cop runs up and says that they triangulated Ruiz's cell phone signal, and it's headed west on I-90. Ruiz orders them to get the chopper ready. Should they really be wasting this many resources on John (who might possibly be involved) when Pesco (who most definitely is involved) has Lt. Bosslady? They need to prioritize better.

A helicopter flies through the night sky. In a car, Digger and John discuss the case. Digger thinks Pesco is "cold-filtered," and John wonders how many people Pesco has killed. The helicopter closes in on a vehicle. John asks Digger if it's possible to block out memories entirely, and Digger says it is if you drink enough, which is why he owns a bar. Well, that's healthy. Some cop cars pull over a van. Ruiz gets out of one of the cop cars and orders John to show his hands. Ruiz walks up to the driver's side and finds -- the lady that John bumped into during his escape earlier. He orders her out of the car. Ruiz throws her up against the hood and pats her down, and finds his cell phone. Oh, that John!

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John Doe




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