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John D.O.A.

John, Stella, Frank, and Stu celebrate at Sea. John and Stella bond over using physics to play darts. Lt. Bosslady walks in, and Digger tries to make small talk, but she just wants to talk to John. She marches up and starts yelling at John for his stupid stunt. Is this really the first chance she's had to yell at him? Couldn't she have done this after they took Pesco down to the station? She yells some more and, because of Frank's story, John realizes that she's trying to say thank you. He tells her she's welcome. Lt. Bosslady pulls out a brand they found in Pesco's warehouse, and says that John and Pesco weren't connected, except in Pesco's mind. John asks Lt. Bosslady to play darts, but she begs off. John asks if she's going back to "Lucky Charms and Chardonnay," which stops her. John points out that she owes them because they saved her life. Lt. Bosslady is like, "Oh, it's on." She takes off her jacket and proceeds to throw two bull's-eyes in a row. Digger tells John, "I think you finally met your match." Oh, he is so getting in her pants by the end of the season. I'm also heartened to see Stu and Stella doing a shot together in the corner of the screen. I really want them to hook up.

Next week: Gabrielle Anwar returns. John continues to look for his past, and he finds a song that can kill people. Is it something by Celine Dion? Because her songs make me want to kill myself.

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John Doe




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