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Lt. Bosslady (and I don't care if they've finally revealed her name -- I'm still calling her that) tells Frank, John, and Stella about all the media coverage the case is getting, and asks them to give her some good news. Stella found something interesting on a stairwell camera from the museum. Frank says that the footage is from thirty-two seconds after the alarm went off. On the monitor, we see a woman run down some stairs and hold a door open so that a man can exit. Lt. Bosslady guesses from her clothing that the woman is a tour guide. Frank notices that at one point, the woman faces the camera, and he asks Stella to zoom in. Stella does so with that super-graphics interpolation software that TV cops always have, which allows you to zoom in like a hundred times on grainy security camera footage and have it be crystal clear. Yeah, right. Anyway, the woman helping the guy escape is none other than Karen, to the surprise of no one who saw her beat a hasty retreat from John's pad a few minutes earlier. Frank gives John a look like, "Are you seeing this?" John gives a look back like, "I'm calling my agent, because this show just got really dumb."

Frank interrogates Karen at the police station. Karen says that she reserves the right to not say anything. Lawyer up, Karen! Wait, why am I rooting for Karen? I hate Karen! Send her away, Frank! Get her to sign a confession or something. Frank tells Karen about the various prison sentences she could be facing, including a life sentence for murder in the first degree. John watches from the one-way mirror in the next room. Karen insists that she didn't do anything. Lt. Bosslady walks up, and John insists that Karen is innocent. Lt. Bosslady says that she knows Karen is John's employee, but wonders how well he knows her. John says, "Better than I know myself." Well, whoop dee doo. John knows pretty much everyone better than he knows himself. And frankly, he really doesn't know Karen that well. Lt. Bosslady reveals that they ran a background check, and Karen has been in some trouble, which isn't atypical of a foster kid. John is surprised to hear that Karen was in foster care. Lt. Bosslady lists off Karen's crimes, which includes trying to burn down one of her foster family's homes. John studies Karen's file and says that it can't be right. Lt. Bosslady reminds John that he feels loyalty to Karen, but people are complicated and first impressions can't always be trusted. John says he's learning that. Inside the box, Frank tells Karen that he knows she didn't kill anyone, but he thinks she knows more than she's letting on. Karen says emotionally that she doesn't know anything. Frank gets up and says that he's just trying to make it easier on her, and that her arraignment is in an hour. He leaves. Karen puts her head in her hands and cries. John watches, uncomfortable. In fact, John looks less like he's feeling conflicting emotions about Karen and more like he ate a bad clam.

At Karen's arraignment, the DA asks Karen to identify herself on the security tape. And that's all the questions the DA has. That's their whole case. Well, I guess it's just the arraignment. Still, you'd think they'd need something more than "she was in the museum at the time of the murder." The defense attorney, clearly unprepared, hems and haws and has to look in his files to find Karen's name. He asks Karen to tell them what happened. Karen says that she's a junior docent at the museum so that she can get backstage passes to the exhibits, since she's an art student. Colin, her "almost ex-boyfriend," was hanging around after closing so that they could make up after a fight. When the alarm went off, they ran. Karen tells the judge that they didn't have anything to do with the robbery or the guard's death. John walks in and interrupts, claiming to be counsel for the defense. The judge asks the lawyers to approach the bench. The judge asks John who he is, and John says that no one knows. Okay, as with the casino, I have to think that would be enough to get him tossed out of court. The DA says that the arraignment's already in session. John quotes some statute saying that Karen has "a right to lay counsel." The judge asks to see a Washington State Bar card. John says that he legally fulfills the requirements for counsel, which he lists off, and then cites numerous precedents where a defendant wasn't given proper representation and the case was overturned at the appellate level. The judge asks Karen if she understands the consequences of having John represent her, and Karen says that she does. The judge rules that they can proceed.

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