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Low Art

At the police station, John walks in and tells Frank that he thinks Max Clark is the thief. Frank wonders why. John says "word on the street" is that Max is thinking about leaving town. Frank asks about John's source, and all John will say is, "A little bird." John asks if Frank is coming with him, and Frank follows.

Frank and John walk up to Max's studio, followed by a couple of uniforms. Frank yells at someone on the phone, then hangs up and informs John that Cheryl the Security Guard's body never got checked in at the coroner's office. Frank knocks on the studio door and flashes a badge to gain entrance. I guess the photographs on the wall and the people hanging around are supposed to be edgy, but they're so not. It's like, "Ooh, young girls with pierced noses and eyebrows!" Like that doesn't describe every college campus in the country these days. Frank interrupts Max Clark, who is played by Shug from It's Like, You Know. Yes, I used to watch that show. I'm the one. He's dressed all in black, because he's a bad boy. Frank flashes a badge. Max asks what he wants. Frank asks what Max is working on. Max says it's a study of the decoration of the human body. John notices that one of the girls has an infected piercing, and advises her to use a topical antibiotic. Frank brings up the robbery and murder at the museum. Max claims he doesn't know anything about it. Frank talks about Max's supposed vendetta against the museum, and Max says that he has more important things to worry about. John checks out some of the photographs on the wall. Frank tells Max that they're going downtown, and then calls out to John. Frank walks over and sees John staring at a photograph of Karen. I think I'm supposed to be shocked or something, but it's so not shocking. It's Karen, lying naked on a mattress, bound up in what looks like toilet paper. Frankly, I've seen more of Karen in most of the outfits she wears on this show. I mean, it's not like she's spread-eagled or something.

Lt. Bosslady talks to Max in the box as John and Frank watch from the next room. She talks about the subject matter of his photographs, and he frustratedly says that it's just one aspect of his work. Frank and John decide that Max is lying because he keeps shrugging, touching his nose, and drinking water. Lt. Bosslady asks Max where he was on the night of the crime. Max says he had a photo shoot in his loft, and any of the models can corroborate that. Lt. Bosslady says that models are a perceptive bunch, and Max screams out that he was working. Lt. Bosslady advises Max not to play her, and Max says that he's not. A detective comes up and tells Frank that Max has five witnesses who can place him in the studio at the time of the robbery. Frank thinks that's convenient. The detective adds that the film Max was using has a date and time stamp. Frank curses softly.

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John Doe




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