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Low Art

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Low Art

John walks into his apartment to find Karen packing up boxes. He asks what she's doing. Karen says that she heard that Frank and John went to Max's studio, and adds that her two-week notice is on John's desk, because she quits. John is shocked, and says he won't accept her resignation. He reminds her that they're trying to solve a crime, and says he's sorry that one of her friends is involved. Karen accuses John of coming into her apartment, snooping around, and betraying their friendship to bust Max. She's sure that Max isn't capable of killing someone. John tries to point out the facts. Karen tells him to forget the facts. She explains that when she first came to Seacouver, she had no money and she fell in with a bad crowd. Max helped her out. John says that he saw the photographs at the loft, and asks how old she was in those pictures. Karen says that she'd be on the streets without Max. John refuses to believe that Max is a good guy. Karen tells John that all he knows are facts, and that he never feels anything because he's a robot. She points out the art on his wall. John tries to talk about why he likes the picture. Karen tells him that it's supposed to cause an emotional response. Whatever, Art Girl. John says he doesn't work any other way. Karen says she's leaving. John accuses her of just walking out again, and brings up the foster homes in her past, saying that when things get tough, she jumps ship. He says that she knows his story, but he doesn't know hers. Karen says that she saves that for her friends. John asks her to tell him what to do. Karen says that he needs to figure that out for himself. Oh, John. You're so much better off without her. Later, John stares at the painting on the wall and tries to figure out what he feels. He says that he feels nothing. Cut to John creating his own painting. The close-ups on John's face are hilarious, because I think he's supposed to be concentrating, but he looks like he's constipated. Anyway, John's painting is just a copy of the Mona Lisa.

John shows up at the police station with some blueprints and asks for Frank. John is told that Frank's at his kid's dance recital. John sits down at Frank's desk. A woman in a lab coat walks up and tells John that the coroner's office did not lose Cheryl's body, because they never got Cheryl's body. John insists that he saw the coroner's assistant at the museum. He looks at the woman's badge and then says that she's a genius. The woman is like, "Whatever. Of course."

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John Doe




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