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Low Art

In Stella's lair (well, it seems like it's underground, and Stella's so cool that she should have a lair), John says that Max didn't force Cheryl to do anything, and that he wasn't even in the museum when the alarm went off. John says that he was overthinking it, and that the reason they didn't see the killer on the tapes was because Cheryl shot herself. Lt. Bosslady asks why Cheryl would do that. Frank fills her in on the cancer issue. Stella shows them how the security camera angle was changed slightly each day, beginning five nights before the crime. By the night the ring was stolen, the ring wasn't visible on the tapes, because Cheryl was moving the camera slightly each night so that no one noticed. Lt. Bosslady comments that nine times out of ten, these thefts are an inside job. So how come no one considered that until this moment? Again, I don't think it's that John is so smart; it's just that these cops are so dumb. Frank wants to watch the tape of the crime again. John says that Cheryl had more than enough time to put the handcuffs on herself before firing the gun. Lt. Bosslady fills in that after Cheryl shot herself, Max posed as the coroner and came and picked up the body and the ring. Lt. Bosslady wonders if Max put Cheryl up to it, and says that they need to dig deeper into his record to see if he has any alternate residences or vehicles. Stella starts typing away.

John goes to Karen's apartment and yells through the door at her. He begs her to open the door because it's important. She eventually does. Inside, Karen says that she heard they found Cheryl's body, and that she never imagined Max would do something like that. John looks through some photographs of Karen and Max that were sitting out on the coffee table. Karen starts crying and apologizes for what she said before, since she obviously knows nothing about people. She adds that Max was never about money, and that he shared his wealth with anyone who needed it. John has a realization, and tells Karen that she was right, you can't judge people on the facts alone. John says there's something involved that's more important to Max than a million-dollar diamond. Karen asks if John is talking about kids. John says that Cheryl had a son.

John drives recklessly while Frank rides shotgun. They walk up to a house, and Cheryl's son opens the door. Frank says they want to talk to Max, who then walks into view. Cut to Max explaining that the people at the museum pulled Cheryl's health insurance, claiming that her cancer was a pre-existing condition. Frank asks what the diamond was going to pay for. Max says that Cheryl wanted to pay her medical bills and use the rest to send her son to college. Max adds that Cheryl's mind was made up, and she was going to commit the crime whether Max helped or not. Max concludes, "We were friends. More than that. No one got hurt. No one." Frank apologizes and says that a lot of people don't see it that way.

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John Doe




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