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Low Art

A uniform leads a handcuffed Max into the back of a cruiser. John asks Frank if he trusts his instincts. Frank says he's a cop, so instinct is all he has. John says he's talking about the instinct to protect someone and keep him or her safe. Frank says that if it came down to his wife and kids, he'd do what Max did or worse. John isn't sure he has that instinct in him. Frank points out that John protected Karen. Frank gets all philosophical and says the nice thing is that if you have someone's back, chances are that they have yours too.

John and Karen visit the museum and check out the ring, which has been returned. John starts spouting off facts about diamonds, and Karen tells him, "Not every picture needs a caption." But it's not a picture. Karen checks out a nearby painting and pronounces it "stellar," and then tells John that she's sorry he can't see the colors. John is sorry too. John admits that he's going to make mistakes, and asks Karen to promise to stick around until he's more comfortable with his situation. John thinks it might be too much to ask. Karen asks why he'd say that. John reminds her that she said they're not friends. Karen responds, "We're not! We're family." Karen points out another painting and asks John what he feels when he sees it. John says that he loves it. Karen asks why, and John says that it marks the moment. Karen leans into John, and he puts his arm around her as they study the painting. I guess that means Karen's not going to die or anything. Damn.

Next week: John works on a case involving missing brains and a little boy who might be his son.

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