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John tries to calm himself down by quoting plane statistics again. Then he remembers he's got the little girl's walkie-talkie. Meanwhile, Rachel talks to the pilot as she takes his pulse. He's conscious now, and will be able to land the plane, which is, of course, a great relief. Evil lurks behind the curtain again, watching Rachel with the doctor. Cut to John trying to get a hold of Pavel's daughter. She's not serious, though! She's a kid. It's not until he starts speaking Russian into the walkie-talkie that Pavel realizes what's going on. He and the rest of the thugs race to the back of the plane and toss the mob out of the way, rescuing John from his bathroom prison. They speak Russian to one another. Rachel rushes back and sees John rushing toward her. John explains that the reverend actually took her seat, and that she's in danger. They try to figure out who would want to kill her, or why. Evil lurks. John runs off to go find Inspector Clueless, leaving Pavel to protect Rachel in case the killer gets any fancy ideas.

John and Inspector Clueless take another look at the bathroom crime scene. They come to the conclusion that the killer would still have blood residue on his or her hands. John jumps up and tells the stewardess that in five minutes, he'll need all the lights out. You know what? He's going to do a little CSI for himself -- by applying luminol to everyone's hands, they can discover the killer. But where will they get luminol? Easy! It's hydrogen peroxide mixed in with some photographic developer. Good thing the supermodel and her boyfriend were on the flight. Do you think the writers worked that out in advance? Yawn. John mixes up the solution in a carafe, then pours it into a spray bottle.

They use a Palm Pilot as a "firefly" and start squirting people's hands. They don't find anyone. The Inspector admits that it was an "inspired" effort, and then he asks the stewardess to "raise the lights." But wait! John's got to squirt the inspector's hands. There's blood all over them! The audience erupts into a world of "ohs!" and "ahs!" The inspector screams, "I'm not the killer!" Then he squirts the rest of his clothes and explains that he moved the co-pilot's arm, and that's where the blood came from. Then he squirts John's hands, which also have blood on them from when Rachel removed the poison. The stewardess turns the lights back on. John asks, "Are you sure this is everyone?" The stewardess replies, "Yes. Except -- I think someone is missing!" They check the manifest again, and sure enough, they find that Louis Garber, the aeronautical engineer, is indeed missing.

John immediately goes to check on Rachel. When he gets back to the rear of the plane, he discovers that Pavel's been knocked out cold.

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