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Yet another exterior shot of the airplane flying high above the clouds. John and Rachel are now sitting back in first class, only not in their original seats. In the background, Pavel searches through luggage. John says, "I think you've just saved my life." Oh, come on. John's life is in danger during every single show. He doesn't give Frank the dopey eyes every time he busts Doe's ass out of danger. I'm telling you, love ruins every good show sooner or later. They flirt big-brain-style again. John tells some story about the indigenous peoples of Papua New Guinea while Rachel fiddles with his hand. He explains that "when a man's life is saved, he needs to learn everything he can about his saver so that he can provide his every want." Love is in the air, literally and metaphorically. How is this going to help John find out who he is? Oh, wait. I get it -- this is "real." Yeah, about as "real" as J.Lo. Or her relationship with the "bald" Ben Affleck. Well, blah freaking love blah. John wants to know everything about her. She wants to know who he is. He says that's the million-dollar question. Then he tells her he's got amnesia. As she finishes bandaging his hand, she says, "Surely your friends, your family, know about your life." He stares deeply into her eyes and replies, "They might." She pauses, then responds, "Good Lord! You don't even know?" Pause. "That must be so lonely." If Rachel could fall into those eyes, she would. Yawn. "John. Neurological pathology is my field." How conveeeenient. Yes. The Church Lady is on board, keeping Contrivance company. John stops her before she even starts. "Rachel. I don't want to be studied. I've been poked and probed and put under microscopes." She gets it -- he just wants to forget about forgetting. There it is again, that damn irony. I swear, after this episode, my friend Irony is totally going on strike; I'm going to make her so that the writers actually have to think up some original material. This episode is totally filler. It's the icing you use to even out your cake before you put the good stuff on. There's no love in this icing. It's purely to get fancy with the setting and get JD some loving. Yawn.

Now, in other matters: there are three stewardesses on board this plane, so far as I can tell. They all look alike. They've got short brown hair and are, of course, wearing the same uniforms, so when I say "the stewardess," it's not always the same stewardess, but I honestly can't tell them apart, and truly, who cares? So, the stewardess comes over to tell John and Rachel -- who I guess are now in charge of everything -- that the co-pilot went into the bathroom half an hour ago and has yet to come out. Could more foul play be afoot? Why yes, my dear kiddies, I do think so. John hops out of his seat and dives toward the washroom. He busts open the door to discover that the co-pilot is also dead! Water mixed with blood spills out all over the floor. Rachel, a medical doctor, screams, "Oh! My! God!" Inside the bathroom, someone stabbed the co-pilot in the jugular with a pen. There's blood everywhere. It's actually a pretty gruesome scene. John turns off the water and moves the man's elbow off the tap.

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