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Inspector Clueless is pissed. He surveys the scene and snots, "This time we leave the victim exactly as he was found, unmolested by your amateur sleuthings." Pause. "From now on we do things my way. The proper way. Inform the captain." John, of course, doesn't listen to the inspector. As the stewardess bangs on the door to alert the captain, he rambles, "The first murder was so elaborate, planned -- the second murder, messy -- it doesn't make sense." John glances at Rachel. "Perhaps he saw something. The killer himself." Rachel chimes in, "The killer was in here doing something; the co-pilot discovered it!" John finishes her thought: "And took a ballpoint in the neck for it." The stewardess continues to bang on the door to get the captain's attention. The inspector bends down to look at the scene from the bottom up: "If you two are quite finished, I don't think he'll be recounting any of your scenarios." John replies, "Well, he's recounting one thing: the killer didn't stop at one victim, what makes you think he'll stop at two?" The stewardess turns around and says, "The door on the flight deck is locked and the captain's not answering!" Inspector Clueless slams the bathroom door shut and turns his attention to the other door. He yells something to the captain. There's no response. The stewardess thinks that the captain's been slaughtered too! She whisper-screams, "There's no one to fly!" Inspector Clueless hurtles himself toward the door, and then promptly bounces back like a tennis ball off a brick wall. She explains that the captain enters a code at the beginning of each flight, and without that code, the door won't open. Inspector Clueless wants to break the door down. The stewardess says that's impossible with the new steel reinforcements.

Immediately, the plane veers to the left. People scream. The plane starts to bounce around. The stewardess gets on the intercom and tells people to get back into their seats because of the "turbulence." Code for "I don't know what the hell's going on and there might be no one to fly the plane." Inspector Clueless wants to know how they're going to get into the cockpit. That's such a dirty word. Heh. John mumbles something about a diagnostics program. Inspector Clueless snits, "I'll just order one up then." Immediately, John remembers that there's an aeronautical engineer on board. As he runs through the body of the plane, the air masks pop down. People scream some more. John grabs the engineer's laptop and heads back towards the cockpit. Within seconds, he's unscrewing the top of the keypad and yammering on about the thunderstorms. The stewardess explains that the plane is probably on autopilot, which doesn't adjust for weather. The plane continues to jolt and careen through the air. More screaming. John runs the program, but can't seem to get the door open. He figures there must be a systems override. Rachel and Inspector Clueless stand by. Clueless makes snarky comments about Doe's ability to get the door open. Rachel wishes she'd kissed him when she had the chance. Okay. She didn't, but I guess the dead body in the bathroom sort of ruled out the "real" mile-high club for the two of them. What would have caused the short circuit? Water damage, of course! Blah plane's inner workings blah. Clueless screams, "Is there anyway to get below?" There's a rear access panel!

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