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Mind Games

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Mind Games

The next name on the list is Andrew Lemonde. John and Wesley walk up to a house and ring the bell. No one answers in like .2 seconds, so John knocks on the door, which swings open. John calls out, and again only waits a half second before telling Wesley to wait outside and entering the house. John walks around the spooky house, which is filled with giant stacks of magazines. John sees a dude slumped over a table and makes the crazy constipated face, so you know the dude is dead. Oh, yeah, and his head is cut open and there's a pool of blood on the table. Those were the other signs.

The house has now become a crime scene. I kind of have a crush on the crime scene/forensics guy. Hey, he's a redhead. I have a thing for redheads. Anyway, Frank asks Stu what's up, and Stu says that the guy's been dead for twenty-four hours. So, assuming John and Wesley's visits all took place in one day, the guy was killed before John started making the visits. Frank notes that the guy's brain is gone. Hey, he's not a cop for nothing. Stu says that the olfactory and cranial nerves were severed clean, and the killer probably used a cranial drill, which takes skill. Frank guesses that the killer is medically trained, and Stu agrees. Lt. Bosslady storms in and is still disgusted with John, who says he was just trying to help Wesley. Lt. Bosslady says that Wesley is terrified, and asks how John knows him. The camera pans over to Wesley in the doorway, talking to a cop. John says that it's just a case. Frank can't believe that John brought a kid in there as he slams the door shut. John says that he told Wesley to wait outside. Frank tells John that it's irresponsible, and asks if he knows anything about kids. John starts spouting off statistics again, because -- get it? He knows a lot, but he doesn't really know anything. I don't know if you got that yet. Don't worry -- they'll repeat the theme a million more times in this episode in case you missed it. John says that he's just trying to help Wesley find his dad. Lt. Bosslady says that she hopes the victim is not Wesley's father. John explains about the sperm donor list and Group Otto. Lt. Bosslady asks what this has to do with the murder, and John says that the group members all knew each other and were keeping secrets. So he's met less than half of the group and he assumes that they all knew each other? Bad police work. Frank points out that the second name on the list, Dr. Elvis, is medically trained. John supplies that Dr. Elvis specializes in brain surgery.

Frank and John pedeconference back at the station. Frank says that Stella (yay, Stella!) found a six-week-old homicide case with the same M.O. The victim's name was Dan Perry, who is number five on John's list. It was so considerate of the killer to murder people in order on John's list. John says he can scratch one more name off, and Frank says that if they don't hurry, John can scratch all of the names off.

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John Doe




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