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Mind Games

The next day, the geniuses construct a model on the floor. John and Dionne walk in with coffee. Karen bitches that she's not going to clean up after John's friends. Does she ever go home? She's so annoying. She's the most annoying person on this show, and that's really saying a lot. Dante tells John to grab the robots that Wesley built. Dr. Elvis tells John to program them to travel at different speeds for the re-enactment. Dante and Dr. Elvis explain that John told them the murder suspect disappeared, so they built a scale model of the chase site to try to reenact the crime. John and Dionne are all excited, but Karen is disgusted for no apparent reason. What does she care? Shut up, Karen. Dr. Elvis tries to hit on her, and she gives her second, "Excuse you?" That's not getting any less stupid. John figures out the killer's running speed, and they program the blue robot to be the killer and the red robot to be John Doe. John figures out how far behind the killer he was. Dr. Elvis points out that John was closing in on the killer. They reach the point where the car hit the killer, and they figure out the furthest that the killer possibly could have traveled. Dionne notes that John still should have been able to see the killer. Dante jokes that the killer flew away, and John says that maybe he did.

Fade into the street where the killer was last seen. John explains to Frank that the closest building was recently repointed. For some reason, this means that John is able to pull out every other corner brick, creating a makeshift stairway. Wait. So they think that A) the bricks could have been pulled out like that and neither John nor Frank noticed it at the time, and also B) that the killer had enough time to make that stairway and scramble up it before John and Frank got there? Yeah, right. Anyway, John climbs up the bricks and into a window that was previously hidden by a billboard. John enters a dusty warehouse, where he finds some brains in jars. There are also surgical gloves and tools, blood, and a bulletin board with the names and photographs of all of the Group Otto members. Conveniently, there's no picture of John. But there is one of Wesley. Cut to Wesley walking out of a school. He gets on his bike. Black Hoodie is also wearing big sunglasses now, as he watches Wesley. Hey, it's the Unaspermer (tm poison pen)!

A forensics team investigates the Unaspermer warehouse. Frank tells Lt. Bosslady that the Unaspermer got Wesley, and the janitor said that he took him off in a red Mazda with no plates. Lt. Bosslady calls in an amber alert. John shows Frank a newspaper clipping dated two days before the murders started, and Frank thinks that it sent the Unaspermer over the edge. John reads stuff from the Unaspermer's journal, which says that he will put Group Otto out of its misery starting at the source, which John realizes is Vitrochoice. John says that the Unaspermer was working his way through all of the donors, but then jumped ahead to Wesley. Frank says that the Unaspermer had to, because he couldn't get to the other donors. Frank then asks where this is going to end. Didn't John already answer that? Vitrochoice. Duh.

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John Doe




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