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Cut to the car chase. Sirens. Lights. John Doe gives Frank instructions on how to get to the airport in Seacouver. In fact, Doe gives Frank the exact route Leverton will be forced to take based on traffic patterns, street cleaning, schedules and bridge access. Yawn. What fun is that if you know how the chase is going to turn out even before it really starts? Frank runs a red light, and of course, they almost slam into good old Leverton in the middle of the intersection. Of course, Leverton can't control his vehicle. Of course, he crashes ostentatiously into some construction. Of course, his car flips over, spins around, and then bursts into flames. John and Frank look on as the car, and the main suspect of a double homicide, goes up in flames.

Hours later, Captain Jamie is at the scene. Doe walks up and asks her where the body is. She says that there isn't one. It got torched. He tries to tell her that he needs to know if Prescott was his father. She interrupts and tells him he's pretty much off the hook for both murders. This doesn't appease our gentle genius. He wanted to find his daddy.

John Doe HQ. Doe walks in, and Karen asks how his visit to the doctor went. Specifically, she asks if the doctor proved that John was an alien. This woman has got to go. If this show has any chance at real success, she has got to go. She is the most annoying character on television. She's more annoying than Lucy on The Practice. ["Ragdoll doesn't say that lightly, folks." -- Sars] Doe pours himself a glass of water. She asks if he's still having blackouts. He's not. Insert some medical explanation here, using very technical terms that I don't understand. Suffice it to say, he's not happy about losing his visions. Karen says, "Hey. I thought you'd be psyched to lose the acid flashbacks." John wants them back -- but they're gone. He goes into his control room and looks at the photo of Elizabeth. Karen bursts in and asks, "Did you get that x-ray you wanted?" Yes. It turns out his Sign has left small traces of metal buried in his chest. She says, "So, ix-nay on the time travel device?" John nods: "I don't know anything. If it's a brand -- there still could be metal filings present burned into my flesh, but what kind of brand, and why?" So, basically, the doctor answered all his questions with a "bunch more questions." Boy, that Karen, she sure is perceptive. "Did you get any straight answers, like if Prescott was your father?" Doe looks at Elizabeth's picture again and says no. They bond. Karen says she's going to keep his secret. Doe's pleased. He's going to keep Karen on his list. They smile. She leaves the control room, but only after making the astute observation that the woman they found in the barrel could quite possibly have been Doe's mommy.

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John Doe




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