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Foiled again!

John Doe HQ. Karen paces frantically outside the elevator. John gets off, and she assaults him with kindness. Blah she's been looking for him all over, blah what happened to him, blah is he okay. She pads after him into the apartment: "Talk to me! What's going on? If there's something wrong I want to help." Sure, now she wants to be helpful. He says, "You can't help. Nobody can help." He goes inside and closes the door in her face. Doesn't she have a key?

Inside, John unwraps the metal detector he's just purchased. Where does one buy stuff like that? I guess if you're a genius, you know where to buy everything. He starts to scan himself, and ends up on his Sign, which goes off like crazy.

After the commercials, memories are still torturing poor John Doe. Instantly, John comes back into consciousness. Karen's blabbing on about something, but instead of being upstairs in his loft, he's now in a restaurant/bar wearing totally different clothes. He asks, "How long have I been here? I was just upstairs in my loft." She picks at her fingernails, "Ah." Pause. "No." She continues, "You were just telling me you don't know how old you are." He whisper-emotes, "I'm seeing things. Memories." He glances around and starts to see things in colour. John gets up, exclaiming, "I'm seeing things in colour." Karen snarks, "Yeah, newsflash, so do I." John yells, "I'm colour-blind or at least I was. Something's happening to me!" He rolls around on the floor, writhing in pain, and then starts to tear out his hair -- or better yet, Karen's hair. "This means something! This doesn't make any sense." Karen gets up and says, "Okay. You are officially weirding me out now." Yeah. What-freaking-ever. Everything weirds Karen out; a bird flying overhead would weird Karen out. John looks stunned, Digger hands him a scotch on the rocks. He asks, "Did I order this?" Digger: "Is that a trick question?" John thinks that maybe the MRI triggered things in his brain. Karen, of course, has another theory -- it's missing time catching up to him.

Thank you, Frank, for walking in and getting this episode back on track -- that's right, the Prescott case. They've identified the victim. She was Steven Prescott's maid. Frank thinks that Elizabeth Menzogna was murdered because she was having an affair with Prescott. John asks if Frank thinks he killed the woman. Thankfully, Frank does not think that Doe's responsible, but he wants to prove it incontrovertibly before Captain Jamie needs to explain the mysterious similarities between John and their main suspect. Frank sits down and says, "Slippery guy, this Prescott. There's no paper trail on him at all until 1968." John interjects, "Like he appeared out of nowhere." Frank continues, "Then boom! Police start digging into the missing maid and the guy falls back off the radar screen. Disappeared like Copperfield." Pause. "The only way to trace him is through the victim." John insists he needs to know more about her. Frank asks, "Anything you're not telling me?" John shakes his head, and we get a flash of black-and-white vision. Frank jumps up and says, "Okay. Let's go." Go where? "You're not the only one with a brain, Mr. Mensa. Found a cousin of the victim's down in Maple Valley." And they're off!

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John Doe




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