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John examines something under a microscope. He says aloud that he's looking at the "gunk" from the motel sink. He makes some notes on a white board and then busts out a tape recorder and speaks into it. Some people on the forums were complaining that he shouldn't need a tape recorder, but I think his thing is not that he has a great memory -- it's that he knows facts. I think of him like an encyclopedia. He can tell you anything you want to know, provided you know where to look, but he can't necessarily draw conclusions based on those facts. Anyway. That's my theory. He notes that the medicine found in the motel sink gunk is used to treat skin abrasions and impetigo. He wonders aloud what "some foreign guy in a hotel room with a skin condition" has to do with a random little girl. Then he realizes that the girl might not be random.

He bops over to the computer and does a search on Jenny Nichols, but comes up empty. Some time passes, and the waitress from the club barges in with coffee. Did I miss the scene where they became close friends? It's so obvious that they only had her show up so John could talk to someone who knows less than he does so he'll have to explain stuff to her (and by extension, us) and so he can stop talking to himself, because it's kind of creepy. She complains that the kitchen sink downstairs is clogged, and John tells her to use yogurt because the bacteria breaks down the clog. Is that true? I'm totally trying that. I'll report back. John continues searching the Internet. The waitress says that she heard John is "a real live PI now." She looks around the loft, and John snaps at her. Then he finds some information online about Evan Nichols, Jenny's dead father. The waitress checks it out as John explains how he hacked into the Federal Court Archives. It turns out that Evan had a warrant out for his arrest for embezzlement two weeks before he died. The waitress checks out a sketch John made of the suspect, based on a description from the motel clerk. She annoyingly critiques his drawing skills. John pulls up a mug shot of Evan Nichols, and the sketch is a match.

John goes to visit Jenny's mom. She apologizes for her messy place, explaining that they were supposed to move in two days. She shows John some pictures that Jenny painted. One of them, a picture of Emerald Cove, appears to John in color. Mrs. Nichols explains that Jenny's father used to tell her stories about Emerald Cove, saying that it was "a place where princesses go to fly." John acts like he has a migraine for some reason, then asks what Mr. Nichols did for a living. She says he was an insurance investigator. John comments for the benefit viewers that Mr. Nichols probably knew something about building codes and structural designs. Mrs. Nichols doesn't know. John asks if he was close to Jenny. Mrs. Nichols says that Jenny was his everything. John asks how Mr. Nichols died. Dude, what's with the interrogation? She's a widower and her only child is missing. Cut her a little slack. Mrs. Nichols says that it was a car accident. John interrupts to say that he knows Mr. Nichols was about to be indicted. Why is he asking these questions if he's going to interrupt her before she answers them fully? He's bugging me. Mrs. Nichols is surprised, and says that her husband was a decent man who borrowed money and got in over his head. Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? Because I don't. Mrs. Nichols says that she finally got up the courage to move away and move on when Jenny was abducted. John delivers his trump card, saying that maybe Mr. Nichols didn't die. He shows her the sketch and explains where it came from. Mrs. Nichols looks at it and starts crying, and then says that it's not possible because she saw his body. John asks if she's sure it was his body. So he's not only an embezzler and a liar -- he's also a corpse stealer?

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John Doe




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