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John voice-overs some questions about his vision issue. He wonders if there is a medical explanation for seeing in color, or if it's a hint to his past. At the hospital, Frank says that Evan was dead, then alive, and now he's dead again. John explains that he chased Evan out to the rocks; Evan slipped, and went under. Frank realizes that John is lying, but doesn't pursue it. Instead, Frank reveals that if John hadn't helped him with his leg wound, he would have died. John makes a joke, but Frank says that he's seriously sorry he doubted John.

On the way out, a guy from the coroner's office asks John if he knows where the morgue is. He's pushing a dead body on a gurney. John gives him directions, then stops and thinks. Cut to John in the morgue, talking to the dead body, who is a Jane Doe. Maybe it's his new girlfriend. Ew, I just grossed myself out. John babbles about missing dogs and then tells the corpse that it's been nice talking to her.

Back at the pier, the sausage vendor asks John if he wants Polish or spicy. John decides on spicy. He takes a bite and appears to like it. As he walks along, we see a ferry pulling away in the background. A woman on the ferry spots John and says, "Tommy? Tommy, is that you?" She starts pounding on the window, but John doesn't hear her. She runs out on the deck and screams, "Tommy! Tommy?" John spots her, and she appears in color. Well, her scarf does. She waves to him as the ferry pulls away. Couldn't he just hop the next ferry? Maybe there's a helicopter nearby?

Next week: John talks to Digger about seeing the woman in color. And there are some gruesome deaths involving embalming.

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John Doe




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