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The Mourner

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The Mourner

Frank and John walk through the sewers, and this set was so leftover from Dark Angel. John says that it's 6:58 PM and the water level is starting to rise. Frank worries that they are too late. John spots a pink envelope hanging nearby, and they run over to find a guy hanging upside down with his upper body underwater. John lifts the guy, and he sputters and spits out water.

The almost-victim, one Lenny Pesco, walks through the police station while being questioned by Lt. Bosslady. She asks if he got a good look at the killer. Pesco deflects the question. Frank asks if Pesco can give them an approximate age or height, or recall anything the killer said. Pesco says that the guy came out of nowhere, but he might be around thirty, balding, and a little shorter than him. The camera keeps focusing in on Pesco's hands, and I can't figure out why. Lt. Bosslady asks Pesco if he's okay. Pesco gulps down some coffee and says that he could have died. Lt. Bosslady promises to take good care of him, and then asks him to tell them anything else that he remembers.

Lt. Bosslady stalks into her office and picks up the ringing phone. She fills her boss in on what happened and promises that they have their best people analyzing the newest card. John, still wet and shivering from his adventure in the sewers, walks into her office as she hangs up. John grabs the newest clue, which reads "Blue Light Special, ATF, PR." Lt. Bosslady thinks "Blue Light Special" must refer to K-Mart. John starts babbling about K-Mart, and then guesses that "ATF" stands for Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Lt. Bosslady asks about "PR," and John lists off a few things, but none of them seem to fit. Lt. Bosslady yells for someone to bring John a blanket. John protests, but Lt. Bosslady says that she doesn't want him to get sick. Because she needs him for the investigation, or because she looooooves him? John seems to wonder that too, and then he must decide that she loves him, because he takes off his sweater. Lt. Bosslady gets an eyeful, and then moves in closer when she notices his scar. She says, "What the?" Hee! I've never heard anyone actually say that out loud. It sounds dumb. Lt. Bosslady compares John's scar to the killer's symbol and asks what is going on, and if John is the killer. John denies it. Lt. Bosslady wonders why John didn't tell them about it before. John says that he was afraid of what it might mean, because it could represent a cult or serve as a tracking device. Lt. Bosslady clearly thinks John is crazy. John yells that he doesn't know, and that the scar might be a result of something that was done to him. Lt. Bosslady asks if John thinks the killer did it, and if the killer is trying to target John somehow and send him a message. John says if he knew the answer to those questions, he'd tell her. With kisses! Lt. Bosslady asks how some "whack job honing in on [John]" would have ever seen the scar on his chest. John doesn't know, but adds that if the killer is trying to get his attention, he's succeeded.

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John Doe




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