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The Mourner

Stella! My second favorite tertiary character after Stu. John walks into Stella's office. She congratulates him on saving Pesco's life. John says that it was a team effort. Stella asks John what he thinks about some computer thing, and John thinks she seriously wants to know, so he answers. Stella says that there's a symposium this weekend, and wonders if John would want to go. Ladies love mysterious John! Isn't she a little young for him? She should go out with Stu. Before John can answer, Frank calls him to "the situation room," like, is this the White House or what? John excuses himself without actually telling Stella if he'll go on a date with her or not.

Lt. Bosslady yells out instructions that include evacuating all local K-Marts, testing Pesco's clothing for fingerprints, and contacting the ATF. John looks at the clue, which has been written on a whiteboard, and says that there's a bar called The Blue Light in Lubbock, Texas. Lt. Bosslady doesn't think that's it. Frank says that they're going to release Pesco. Pesco reads the whiteboard and says in a "I'm going to pretend I'm talking to myself, but I'm going to say it loud enough so that people will ask me about it" way that "blue light special" means two-for-one lap dances. Lt. Bosslady asks him to repeat that, and Pesco says it was nothing. Frank asks him again, and Pesco "reluctantly" says that he heard the phrase at a topless joint. He explains that he was at a buddy's bachelor party when he heard about it, and he doesn't go to the places regularly or anything, but the phrase stuck with him. Pesco remembers that the place was called Sir Galahad's. John asks what PR stands for. Pesco says that it stands for "Pervert Row," which is what the strippers call the seats closest to the stage, since they allow the customers to look up and see -- well, you get the picture. For someone who has only been to a strip bar once, this guy sure knows a lot about them. Lt. Bosslady tells Frank and John that they have to go. Pesco is hustled away.

Sir Galahad's. After like ten minutes of gratuitous stripper footage, Frank, John, and Lt. Bosslady burst in and tell everyone to freeze. Lt. Bosslady asks if they think the killer will go after one of the dancers next. John reminds them that Pesco said that ATF stands for "All Time Favorite," which refers to a particular chair in PR. He did? When? Why didn't they show that part? They must have had to cut that exchange in order to fit in more stripper footage. Well, it is FOX after all. Why have plot when you can have boobies? Lt. Bosslady starts checking out the various chairs in the front row. John suggests that the owner of the club might be able to point out some of the regulars. Lt. Bosslady finds something and tells John, "The next victim? It's us." John checks out what she found, which is a bomb strapped underneath the stage.

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