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The Mourner

Lt. Bosslady fields questions from a phalanx of reporters. She tells them that the killer is not randomly targeting the community, and is not motivated by money or revenge. A reporter asks how she knows that, and Lt. Bosslady says she can't tell them that, but she can tell them that the killer is male, in his early thirties, a recluse with a superior intellect, and he won't stop until he finds what he's looking for. What does that last part mean? Was it a code meant for the killer? Or did the writers just have no idea how to end that sentence? Lt. Bosslady excuses herself as the reporters continue to yell questions after her. Frank asks John how the killer knew that John is colorblind. John doesn’t know. Some flunky tells Frank that he has a visitor. Pesco pops up and says that he wanted to get them a thank-you gift for saving his life, but he didn't know what would be appropriate. Frank assures him that he doesn't have to. Pesco says that he saw on the news that his information led them to the strip club, so he figures he kind of saved their lives too. It was at this point that I knew for sure Pesco was the killer. I actually thought it when they pulled him out of the sewer, but I have this annoying tendency when watching crime shows to accuse pretty much every character of being the killer, like on Law & Order, Briscoe will walk on screen and I'll be like, "He's the killer!" So I've learned to keep my theories to myself until I'm sure, and this was the point where I yelled out, "Pesco's the killer!" Mostly because I saw that episode of Homicide where Steve from Sex & the City was trying to help them catch a sniper and then he turned out to be the sniper himself.

Anyway, as Pesco continues to talk to John, Frank's phone rings. The robot voice asks for John. Frank slowly turns towards John, who is patiently listening to Pesco go on and on about how he could quit his sewer job and become a consultant for the police force. Frank yells at Pesco to go home. John takes the phone and listens as the killer says that his prize for solving the puzzle earlier is underneath the copy machine. You'll note that the killer did not ask or answer any questions. Because it was totally a recording. Not to ruin it for you, but it's easier to just tell you that now than to wait until it's revealed at the end of the episode, and then you have to hit the back button and reread the scene in question with your new knowledge in mind, kind of like how you had to watch The Others again after seeing the end to see if it held together. So I'm saving you the trouble and just telling you that it was clearly a recording. Pesco asks if it was The Mourner on the phone. John pops open the bottom of the copier to find a package wrapped in pink paper, and on top is a pink envelope with the symbol. Frank yells out that they need to evacuate all nonessential personnel. Lt. Bosslady orders them to lock the place down and clear a one-block perimeter. How did she even know what was going on? She just stomped out of her office and started ordering people around. Which is totally what I would do in her job, but that's neither here nor there. Everyone evacuates the building, and a bomb squad guy comes in and removes the package. He quickly realizes that it doesn't contain a bomb.

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