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The Mourner

John stands around at the crime scene, then shakes his head and starts to walk away. Lt. Bosslady asks where he's going. John says that he could have caused someone's death and he can't do this anymore. Lt. Bosslady points out that they made it in time, and no one died. John thinks that his presence is creating the problem, and stomps off. Lt. Bosslady is like, "But I love you!" Okay, I might have made that last part up.

John stands across the street from a church and sighs. He enters, and for some reason there is music even though it doesn't look like there's anyone in the organ loft. Maybe they pipe it in. John walks down the aisle and sits in one of the pews. Lt. Bosslady sits directly behind him. John spouts off some facts about the church. Lt. Bosslady says that he just saved two lives. John says that they didn't catch the killer and the whole thing won't stop. Lt. Bosslady tells him to have faith. John asks if she has faith. Lt. Bosslady says that she has faith they'll catch the killer and that they're saving people instead of finding bodies. John asks if she has faith in "this place." Lt. Bosslady tells about how she used to go to church with her fiancé every Sunday, and then they would go out to breakfast in a diner. She adds that while she never found faith inside the church, she "sure did in those breakfasts with him." At least until he was killed in the line of duty and the killer escaped. Man, what a bummer. Hey, do you think Pesco killed her fiancé? It seems odd that they would bring up that the killer escaped now. John says he doesn't know what he believes in. Lt. Bosslady tells him to believe in what he can control. John says that he can't control any of this, and Lt. Bosslady advises him to keep going until he can. What does that even mean? I don't know. She has a lot of lines that make no sense.

At the police station, Digger admonishes a cop for hogging all the food. Frank paces and rubs his eyes. Lt. Bosslady studies a map upon which they've marked off all the killer's locations. John points out that they didn't get any pink envelopes this time. Frank asks what the rules of the games are, and if Stella has found a link between the victims yet. Stella hasn't found any connection or pattern. Lt. Bosslady thinks the killer is too deliberate and methodical not to have a pattern. John says that it might literally be a game, and he stands up and draws a grid on the map. Frank is all, "Cut this shit, Doe!" which earned a laugh from me. John reminds them that the first victim worked for Night Rider Limo, and he writes "Night" in that square. Then, he adds a K to the front of it to make it "Knight." The next incident happened at Sir Galahad strip club, and Sir Galahad lived in a castle. Yeah, but he was also a knight. Who rode a horse. It seems a bit arbitrary to assign castle to him. Couldn't the writers have come up with a better clue for the first victim so that Galahad could correspond to Knight? Bad writing, there. Also, the limo driver wasn't the first victim, because Lt. Bosslady said on her arrival that she hoped the killing wasn't related to the others. Sigh.

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John Doe




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