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The Mourner

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The Mourner

John says that the third clue contained the word "Pawn," and he writes that word in the appropriate square on the map. John reveals that the killer is playing chess, and grins widely. He's a little too happy about that. Stella says that the entire city is the killer's board. John says that the victims are just pieces in the game. Frank says that if they know the game, they can predict the killer's next move. Stella says she'll get on the computer and try to find a famous game that matches the positions of the pieces, and she runs out of the room. John immediately spouts off the matching game, like, couldn't he have called Stella back at that point? Lt. Bosslady asks what the next move is. John says that it should be QE8, and the killer is going for checkmate. John puts a pin in the appropriate map square. Lt. Bosslady walks up to the map and realizes that the police station is in that square. She turns and orders everyone evacuated in sixty seconds. You'd think they'd be getting good at that whole evacuation thing by now. What is this, the third time this episode?

A random cop runs up and calls out to Lt. Bosslady. John and Frank follow her into Stella's office and…Stella is missing! No! Why couldn't it have been Karen? John spots a pink envelope clipped to the computer monitor, and sees Stella's glasses sitting on the keyboard. The robot voice says, "Queen to Bishop Eight, John Doe. Check." John talks into the computer microphone and asks where Stella is. The killer refuses to give that info up, so John slams his hand on the desk real hard! I guess that desk won't be messing with John anymore.

John sits at a computer and zooms in on some surveillance footage of the killer grabbing Stella. Lt. Bosslady points out that the abduction happened seven minutes ago, but the killer never appeared on any of the exterior cameras. Because the call is coming from inside the house! Sorry again. Frank yells that the killer must still be inside the building. John can tell from the footage that the killer is left-handed and no taller than five foot nine inches. Wow, that's helpful. Lt. Bosslady orders the cops standing around to start searching the building. Frank says that the killer must have known where the cameras were, because he made sure they never got a clear shot of his face, so it must be someone with internal access. John reads the clue, which says, "Make it to the other side. Little pawn, reclaim your queen." John remembers that there's an occult shop called The Other Side on the opposite side of town. Lt. Bosslady wants to get some cops over there just in case. John says that the killer wouldn't move his playing piece there, because it would violate the rules.

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John Doe




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