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Rachel opens her door to find John standing there with a huge bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, and a bottle of wine. Rachel says that the roses are her favorite type, and John says he knew that based on her perfume. John nervously spouts a bunch of facts as Rachel grabs her coat. She asks what he has planned. John says that he knows she lived in London's East End as a child, which is famous for curry houses, so he used some formula to figure out where she might want to go. Rachel says he could have just asked, and asks if he's okay, because he seems anxious. John confesses that it's his first date ever, as far as he knows. Rachel apologizes for not thinking of that, and suggests that they start over. She asks what he has planned. John asks if she likes Indian food. Rachel says that she hates it. John tries to explain why statistically she should like it, but she says she would prefer "greasy fish and chips." Man, he would be annoying. You could never win an argument with him. John agrees to her plan, although he looks like he's not quite sure what "fish and chips" are, which I find hard to believe, given everything else he knows.

John and Rachel stand on a wharf somewhere. Rachel says she's confused, because John went into the grocery store but didn't buy any food. John shows her that he bought twine, tin foil, a safety pin, and a mop, and he's constructed a fishing pole. Rachel takes the pole as John explains that fish are attracted to tin foil. Rachel feels a tug and asks what she should do, because she thinks it's a shark. John starts to explain how sharks aren't native to the area, but Rachel tells him to reel it in. He does, and it's a tiny fish. Like, sardine-sized. John announces that they are going to have a fire on the beach, and eat the fish along with the potato chips he brought. Rachel grabs the fish and throws it back. John says that he's not doing too well, but Rachel assures him that he's doing fine. She asks if he wants to dance to the sounds of the waves. John offers up a number of different dance styles, but Rachel just wants a regular slow dance. They start dancing, and Rachel asks him to say something about himself. John says there's not much to say. Rachel asks if he likes mint chocolate chip or pralines and cream. John doesn't know. Rachel says they'll have to fix that. John says he'd like that. Enough of the romance. Let's get to the crime-solving or more information about John's background.

Stu (Stu!), John, and Frank examine the club where Turney died. Stu is looking at some amateur video shot by high school kids at the concert. Frank wonders what could have caused the seizure. John points out that there aren't any strobe lights or magnetic interference from the amps that could have triggered it. Stu comments that the video quality is poor even for a bootleg as some static lines roll up the screen. John notices that the static appears just before Turney's seizure. John starts checking out the soundboard for loose connections and such, and he notices one line that deviates from the rest. He follows the line and finds a device mounted under a nearby shelf. John asks the sound guy to turn that channel up, and Frank says he doesn't hear anything. John says that's why it's the perfect murder weapon.

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John Doe




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