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John walks into the studio and tells the guitarist that he's out of tune. The guitarist thinks John is full of crap. Wouldn't a band with a recording contract use an electronic tuner? J-Dawg uses one, and he doesn't even have a recording contract. John takes the guitar and tunes it. Meanwhile, Frank asks Randi if she has any idea who might have done this. Randi says that Turney was cocky and talented, so he had a lot of enemies. Frank asks her to be more specific. Randi says she's always in the studio, so if he wants to know about Turney's life outside the studio, he should talk to Fox, Turney's attorney. John starts playing the guitar fairly well, running through a number of different musical styles. Randi and Frank grin. John eventually breaks a string. Frank murmurs, "And he's asking me for tips on how to turn women on." John and Frank split.

They arrive at the offices of P.J. Fox, Turney's lawyer. Fox says that he met Turney at the beginning of his career, and that he had "staying power." Frank says that Fox had to protect his investment, and Fox says that he wanted to protect his friend, and he wants the cops to find "the garbage that took him out." Fox gets up, explaining that he's late for a dinner meeting, and exits quickly. Frank says they'll show themselves out. John thinks Fox was accommodating. Frank checks his planner and sees that there's no dinner date listed. Fox's assistant shows up, and Frank tells John they should keep Fox company.

Fox pulls up to the club where Turney died, and runs inside. Frank and John pull up across the street and watch. Frank says that the club used to be a dinner club, and he took his wife there on their first date. He adds that they saw Natalie Cole, and whenever he hears one of her songs, he's right back in that restaurant again. John thinks that's nice. Frank says, "It's funny how music can bookmark memories in your brain like that. Soundtrack of your life." John agrees thoughtfully.

Frank and John enter the club, which is packed with people dancing. Frank says that you'd think Fox, in his thousand-dollar suit, would stick out. John sees Turney on the stage, and realizes that it's Fox, who is now dressed in a sweat suit. Maybe I should be a DJ. I'd love any job where I got to wear a sweat suit all day. ["Is 'Paulie Walnuts' a job?" -- Sars] Fox spots John and Frank, and takes off. Frank catches him and asks why he's running, and that he knows lying to the police in a murder investigation is "a big no-no." Frank says he's taking Fox downtown, and asks John if he's joining them. John says he has plans. Frank asks if they're with Rachel, and John says, "Not exactly." Frank wrestles Fox to his car.

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