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John sits in a soundproof room with some sensors hooked up to his head. A professor says he's happy to help, and explains that they have tried to create the ultimate auditory experience in that room, and have also added plasma screens to give a visual perspective on what the subject is hearing. John asks how many titles he can listen to. The professor says they have thirteen million titles. John wants to hear all of them. The professor asks what exactly John is looking for. John responds, "The soundtrack of my life," and explains that he's met a woman. The professor says that numerous studies support the idea of unlocking memories through music. John listens to various songs, including the Monday Night Football theme and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." None of them rings a bell. The professor can see that nothing is going on in John's brain. John listens to many songs, but only one of them brings back any memories: "My Funny Valentine." It causes John to have a memory of ragweed.

Lt. Bosslady talks to Fox in the interrogation room. She says that they found signs of ecstasy in his drug test. She asks if he ran because he was on drugs or because he murdered his client. She points out that he also lied about his plans for the evening. Fox says that his employees would frown upon his DJ work. Lt. Bosslady reveals that Turney was killed by low-frequency sound, and Fox might know something about how to accomplish that. Fox says that Turney was his friend. Lt. Bosslady says that rumor has it Turney was about to fire Fox as his lawyer. Fox doesn't think that's true. Lt. Bosslady says that Fox likes driving a Porsche, and that losing Turney as a client would hurt his finances. Lt. Bosslady thinks that Fox hated Turney. Fox says that everyone hated him, but he didn't want him dead. Lt. Bosslady asks who did.

Stella plays a loud, annoying tone on her computer. Randi shows up and says that Frank asked her to bring in Turney's old recordings. She asks what Stella was playing. John says that it's an accelerated version of the sound that killed Turney, and they're trying to figure out the device that made it. Randi asks if they're having any luck. Stella says it could be anything, and she doesn't know if they'll ever find it. Randy says that whoever killed him should go down, and laments that he was only nineteen. Frank walks in and says that Fox named someone named Lloyd as a suspect. Randi says Lloyd sued Turney for allegedly stealing his samples from the nternet, but Fox got the suit dismissed. Frank and John go off to have a talk with Lloyd.

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John Doe




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